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Dr. Paul Vindicated

Great article by Butler Shaffer just posted on LewRockwell.com.

"What political science student does not recognize the basic definition of "government" as "an agency with a monopoly on the use of violence within a given geographic territory"? As distinct from the marketplace – which consists of a system of voluntary, contractual exchanges among individuals – all political systems are characterized by the lawful authority to use violent force to compel those subject to it to obey. Policemen are the coercive enforcers of state authority. When Randolph Bourne observed that "war is the health of the state," he was getting to its violent essence, a truth easily confirmed by the 200,000,000 deaths inflicted upon humanity through government wars and genocides during the 20th century. Are we really to believe that those who oppose such practices, and favor free and peaceful social systems, are advocates of violence? You will not hear questions of this sort discussed in the mainstream media."

Read the entire article:

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