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Barry Will Be Deposed!

in court that is. If he wants to kick this guy out of the military.
"Freakin' Brilliant!" said one. "They can't court-martial him [without] the defense getting the judge to order the the (sic) birth-certificate be produced! Either Obama will have to produce or they can't prosecute. Genius."

Sorry, if I got your hopes up. ; ^ )

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Don't worry about getting hopes up and then smashing them.

I think people are becoming accustomed to this issue being swept under the rug by those in power.

Plus if Obama goes, then an equally evil collectivist replaces him.

Whether Obama stays or goes, there is real value to the freedom movement coming from him fighting so hard to hide his birth certificate, and real value in seeing the courts come up with every trick in the book to not address this issue. First, it encourages people to read and understand what the constitution means. It also discredits the legitimacy of government in the minds of an increasing number of citizens. It also demonstrates the extent to which government operates to protect itself at the expense of the population. It should be obvious that 99% of those in power are part of this hijacking of the Presidency; indeed in hijacking the entire Republic.

When you are on the road to revolution, those occupying the seats of power, and the seats themselves become the enemy of the people, otherwise there would be no need for revolution, and certainly the usurpation of power creates an additional justification for eventual action against the government itself. I think there is ample evidence that we are headed for revolution, but Obama has certainly helped move us along the road at a faster pace.

I suppose it would be fun to see this tyrant fall and even face jail time, and it would be satisfying to see at least some of the Constitution enforced, if only temporarily, but the "natural born citizen" issue in only one grain of sand on a whole beach full of abuses.

Isn't this where I shout, "Viva la Revolucion"?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

I am glad this is still on

I am glad this is still on the table..of course, if it takes as long as 911 proof, the only chance we may have is to have his library torn down...