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40% of Tea Partiers are Dems and Independents; How Will Media Report the News?

For almost a year, the mainstream media have depicted members of the Tea Party movement as racist, right-wing extremists.

On Sunday, a survey was released finding 40 percent of Tea Partiers are Democrats and Independents.

Given the media's hatred for everyone involved in this growing movement, how will they react to and report this startling revelation released hours ago by The Hill (h/t Pat Dollard):

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/04/04/40-tea...


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How Will Media Report the News?

A: 60% of tea partiers are republican...

Have there been ANY Ron Paul

Have there been ANY Ron Paul Revolution events since the R4R?


And seeing Ron Paul on the TV doesn't count.

Are we going ever going to?

Okay, we made it to some decent regional events

Atlanta, CPAC, and the upcoming Iowa regional in May.

But have there been any public events...like say a Ron Paul Tea Party...to help distinguish us from the other Tea Party?


I'd be surprise if there is one....interesting to watch for the next few days.

55% are women,

not angry white men.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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Thanks for bumping.

Thanks for bumping.