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LIBERTY ALERT!!-Call Governor Christ Today!!

Got this from Florida Campaign for Liberty this morning.
Any help would be appreciated.

The elections bill has now passed both the Florida House and the Senate. It is currently on the Governor's desk. He only has until Tuesday, April, 6 to veto it.

Please contact Governor Crist immediately and ask him to veto the elections bill. Ask Governor Crist to do the right thing. You may contact him here but do it quickly because time is running out.

850-488-7146 or Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com

850-907-1218 or http://charliecrist.com/contact/

SB880 changes the balance of power between the special interests in Tallahassee and the grassroots. Sections of this legislation reinstate "Leadership Funds" in the guise of "affiliated party committees (APCs). It would reverse the law that outlaws the creation and use of so-called "Leadership Funds." (Leadership Funds were unregulated and unreported contributions to legislative leaders that they used to influence campaigns.)

Leadership "slush funds" would be administered by the Senate President, the Speaker of the House, and the 2 minority leaders of each house. The insiders and special interests will now be able to control all aspects of candidate selection, fund raising, and campaigning without the oversight of any political party. Hand-picked candidates in a smoke filled room backed with an unlimited supply of special interest money will be the new Florida standard.

Leadership "slush funds" will make it extremely difficult for any grassroots candidate to be elected to the Florida Senate or House. An APC will not be limited to just the Senate and House. This bill will allow an APC to actively expend funds and campaign for local candidates in any local election. A grassroots candidate could have the support of the local party, but the APC could fund his opponent with unlimited resources.

Another reason to oppose this bill is that it threatens existing law that prohibits local governments from using taxpayer dollars to tell voters how to vote on ballot issues. It creates a conflict with the statutes that prohibit a city or county government from funding an initiative with your tax dollars. A city or county commission would consider itself free to conduct a campaign, at taxpayer expense, to get taxpayers to vote on issues it supports or opposes.

For instance this would allow a local school board to use millions of your tax dollars to fund a ballot initiative for higher school taxes or a bond issue. A local county or city government could use millions of your tax dollars to oppose any voter initiative they did not agree with such as light rail, term limits, campaign finance reform, transparency, property tax relief, etc.

SB 880 needs vetoed today! Please contact Governor Crist and ask him to veto this legislation. We are running out of time.

850-488-7146 or Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com

850-907-1218 or http://charliecrist.com/contact/

Thank you.

Mark Cross

State Coordinator

Florida Campaign for Liberty

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