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BREAKING - KC- Federal Courthouse Evacuated

The federal courthouse in downtown Kansas City was evacuated Monday morning after a suspicious object was found outside the building, police said.

"The package, a soft side cooler, was located near a garage door on the east side of the building. The cooler had a note indicating the contents of the cooler would explode. The federal building was evacuated as a precaution and the KCPD Bomb and Arson detectives were called in to evaluate the package. The bomb robot is going to evaluate the package before a determination is made on how to proceed," said police Capt. Rich Lockhart in a news release.


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Tea Party drama created to crush Ron Paul 2012

You guys do know what the whole Tea Party thing is about don't you?

In 2008, they tried to associate Ron Paul supporters and Ron Paul to kookiness...and had some success.

But they want to knock us out of the arena completely before 2012 starts up. Thus, they want to associate Ron Paul supporters to VIOLENT kookiness.

But they want to avoid direct confrontation with Ron Paul. You see Ron Paul keeps kicking their @ss. So they create something LIKE the RP Revolution, something they can control...the Tea Party.

First, they built the Tea Party up as outspoken Americans. Then they slowly skew the "Partiers" into a bunch of kooks. Now they are going for the violent kooks association.

So when Ron Paul starts up in 2011, they will have already associated conservatvives, truthers, birthers, and most importantly anti-war folk as violent wackos.

And the Obama administration is 100% on board with this. Who do they say is the biggest terrorist threat to the USA? White male conservative types. And the media produces such people doing violent things (destroying one's own house, flying into the IRS building, etc.).

We keep saying: First, they ignore us; then they ridicule us; then they fight us; then we win.

Well, they are definately fighting us now, but not head on. They are using their major weapon: deception. They have ALREADY used their media to psychologically associate the average Ron Paul supporter viewed on TV as one of those kooky violent Tea Partiers. Meanwhile, we vote on Time magazine's poll.

So far, *they* are winning this fight. Heck, most of us don't even know that (1) we are in a serious fight; (2) that they already have started fighting for 2012.

So what is our political strategy? Become delegates? Join your local GOP organization?

How do we distinguish ourselves from the Tea Partiers? Should we dress better and be organized when protesting? Learn not to yell at the camera?

How do we approach media? how much should we have our own media? hom much should we infiltrate the mainstream media?

Aside from Ron Paul, who are our leaders?

Not Buying.

They put you under a microscope to get into a federal courthouse. Anything suspicious would have been detected upon entry. It's probably either nothing, or an insider plant.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Maybe SEIU

left a "tea party" calling card inside so it can be used against all us "Tim McVeigh wannabes."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.