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Wikileaks: Collateral Murder - Classified US Military Video Shows Indiscriminate Slaying of Dozens, Incl. Two Reuters Employees

WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff.


Reuters has been trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act, without success since the time of the attack. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded.

Thanks go to RonPaulWillNeverDie and paul4won for the helping hand.

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not my father

This is criminal murder period.

Is that going to happen to me?

Should I be looking over my shoulder for a U.A.V. or a helicopter?! What if I want to clean my .22 or .45 on my front porch? Would I be shot?! F*^king disgusting. We should not even be there but I still pay my taxes to fund this war because I am scared of losing the things that mean the most to me. My cell phone, car, flat screen, etc. Maybe I deserve it.

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This needs to be in Original POST!!!!

UPDATE 2,3,4,5 MUST SEE!! Video of the childrens mother...and video of the journalists brother!!
Scroll down for all updates...

I DID post it



will add the digg link.

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

truth is that really looked like a RPG and guns

But ,this is the undeclared war that is Collateral Murder of 1.3 million people and counting


I don't see any RPG's there -
not sure if you know but under Iraqi law every family is allowed to own one kalashnikov rifle for protection and the two guys in the video who were carrying rifles were security people guarding those 2 Reuters journalists - have you heard of journalists being kidnapped for ransom? - that is the reality.

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RPG clearly visible for those who will see

watch at these frames

321 see man far left side center, holding a staff or RPG.
346 man swings the RPG in profile, just above cross hairs to the right.

353 man tries to conceal RPG against body on his right side from his foot to his chest, just right of cross hairs.

358 man swings rpg away from his body, dead center on cross hairs.

I don't know about you guys, but if I was in a war zone and not a combatant, that is the last place I'd be standing.

I have seen RPGs

up close due my tour there and I don't even see an RPG, perhaps AKs..maybe two, but thats it. They should have verified by moving a bit closer or zooming in more because there were a bit aways hence the delay between the shot and them getting hit.

add: please point to the scenes you are referring to by using the clock on the video and then we can discuss further.

After further review, I can see why you think that might be an RPG but also note how he holds it. You see many videos and pics where people hold the rpg on their sholders not like that. Also, the pilot does not even call out an RPG until a man is by the corner and that is clearly not an RPG. If you have seen otherwise, please let me know.

can you see the rpg now?

Sorry for the confusion, I have put the complete time frame reference here.

03:21 / 17:47 see man far left side center, holding a staff or RPG.
03:46 / 17:47 man swings the RPG in profile, just above cross hairs to the right.

03:56 / 17:47 man tries to conceal RPG against body on his right side from his foot to his chest, just right of cross hairs.

03:58 / 17:47 man swings rpg away from his body, dead center on cross hairs.

04:49 / 17:47 the man closest to the building is holding the the RPG.

I might suggest that the military has done a very poor job of illustrating the immanent danger that is clear here. Further if I had my kids in the car and heard cannon fire, you'd not see me heading to the rescue.

I spent time believing this savagery was unprovoked until I looked hard at the evidence, seeing reality is not easy.

Moral of the story: when carrying a RPG on the street, conceal it. Perhaps the military is trying not to educate the enemy through Youtube.

They are walking awfully casually for insurgents

I can believe insurgents having a cloth masking their face, and hiding behind cover. It's hard to take this group ambling down the road for anything other than a group of men including journalists.

Is the reason the "RPG" is not being concealed and simply being toted around in broad daylight because it's not an RPG, it's a camera tripod that goes along with the camera and huge long-distance lens?

Also, if the chopper can see them, they can see the chopper circling them, even at a distance. But they react totally casually, not as if they're going to shoot it down. Even non-professional soldiers are not that dumb.

I too have seen and held RPG's

There is no way that the object that you are referring to is one as it has been confirmed over and over by the military spokesmen and the whistleblowers who brought this forward not to be, end of debate. Also, in more practical terms, you are watching a video of fairly poor quality. This isn't in HD or close to what you would see if you were actually viewing through the scope. So, the crew of the Apache should have been able to zoom in and decipher the objects for what they were but you will hear a lot of assumptions in the video and the only mention of the RPG comes when the camera man gets down behind the wall. Last but not least, you are arguing about the people perceived to have weapons but what of the people who do not have weapons? What of the car that comes to aid the wounded man? The point of this video isn't whether there is or isn't an RPG, it is if the ROE was followed as ordered and if the gunners were right in firing on unarmed civilians.

Did we try to bomb Saddam Hussein's palace when we had the chance in the early 90's?

No, because he surrounded himself with civilians and the collateral damage would have been unjustified. So why a group of men, most of whom were perceived to be unarmed. Why can't up-armored Bradley handle this situation? Why not follow the black van like a typical police chase here in the States with helicopters overhead? Why not give people a chance to surrender, to gather information, and better assess the situation. These people regardless had yet to commit any crimes. People in my unit would have gotten court martials for this.

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The Pentagon equates civilian casualties to "Bugsplat".

When they can come up with such dehumanizing terms in their war planning, is it any wonder why there is such disregard for human life?

"...the Pentagon had an interesting term for the number of Iraq civilians who would be butchered in the initial U.S. bombing of Baghdad: “bugsplat.” As the distinguished journalist Alan Nairn told Amy Goodman on “Democracy Now” in early January of 2010, “In the opening days of the invasion of Iraq, [the Pentagon] they ran computer programs, and they called the program the Bugsplat program, estimating how many civilians they would kill with a given bombing raid..."


Have you ever fired an AK47?

They are BARELY accurate at 100 yds.
I'm not sure of the exact range of an RPG, but I'd be willing to bet that the Apache, was well out of range.

Secondly, it doesn't matter. The apaches shouldn't be there in the first place!

The troops shouldn't be there in the first place!

Saddam shouldn't have been put into power, funded, and equipped with WMD's, by our country and others, in the first place.


It is an INVASION ZONE, based on the lies told on 9/11, and I for one, would be picking up any rock, stick, or anything else to repel the invaders.

These people have nothing left to lose. Their country has been totally destroyed, their families murdered, raped, and tortured.

There is no right way to spin this.

(old #'s)*

$664 billion.
135 countries.
820 bases.

*from 2008

tried to fetch recent info and had to step away from screen (sickened).

NOT war.

just invasion & slaughter, this a sample of the 'slaughter' part of it.
NOT war. just convenient circumvention of a congressional declaration.

Here's a threshold question

Do these Iraqis not have the right to bear arms?

Under Saddam you could buy a full auto

machine gun and attend a Christian Church in Iraq. Under the NEW FREEDOM neither is tolerated. (Of course the Christian Church was "tolerated" because Saddam would slaughter anyone who disturbed the church goers.)

War is Peace!
Obedience is Strength!

truth is

every Iraqi family is by law allowed to own one kalashnikov rifle in the house.

this video now has 3,655,133 views!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I could not bring myself

to watch the whole video. I got as far as where they saw the guy with the camera crawling and saying "just pick up the weapon" What disturbed me more than the video was what they were saying. It's as if they were playing a video game and these were not real people. Maybe I will go back and watch the whole thing but I can't bear to watch them kill kids running over to help. It was on the news last night. They made sure they drown out the soldiers talking. All they said was the government is trying to find out who leaked this video. Can you believe that shit. Immediately implying that this was classified info. They never showed them being shot down. This is exactly how the media twists the truth and people believe it. This is disgusting.

Shining a light on War

Although I disagree with the conclusions made by those that released this video, I commend them wholeheartedly for releasing it.

To judge these soldiers actions based on this video alone is unfair and does injustice to them. None of us were there and few of us can imagine the pressure these soldiers are under and much less understand the horrifying decisions they need to make nearly instantaneously and on a daily basis.
I personally feel great sorrow for the victims of this tragedy both those that died and those that will have to live with these memories the rest of their lives.

The underlying value here is to show the world the ugly reality of war. Up until now for the most part we have been effectively fed only the box scores of what happens over in those distant godforsaken lands.

It is uncomfortable and disturbing to see videos such as these but unfortunately it appears to be the most effective way to wake up this country to bring an end to these wars and really do the work necessary to prevent future wars from happening.

Sorry, but I will judge these soldiers.

They have made a conscious choice to kill other human beings. And FFS they are in an Apache helicopter, better know as a tank killer, and safely so far away the innocent people are not even aware they are about to be slaughtered. It is nothing more than a video game to these military clowns that our taxpayer dollars pay to protect oil so we can drive our fucking SUV's and be put to sleep watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idiot, etc.

These soldiers in that helicopter are not the least bit threatened, but simply compelled to think they have to do something. So they slaughter and laugh about it. Fuck all of them and I hope they all meet the same horrible death they inflicted on these people.


we'll see how you judge those

we'll see how you judge those soldiers when they fly around your house and hose it down with cannon fire because you picked up your garden hose to fill the dog bown with water. WHAT are you people talking about? the video speaks for itself. If you can't see the wrong in this you do not have eyes to see. There was not 1 rifle among those people. Human life is human life wether they are Iraqi's or Americans. Those soldiers need to be brought up on murder charges. The other thing that disgusts me, Why fire on them from a helicopter from 5 miles away? is our military so chicken chit anymore they couldn't investigate closer to see if the people were armed? Tragedy for the people who have to live with those memories of the people they murdered? you really think they give a rats tail?

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul


You feel sorry for "both of those who died?". The body count was much higher than two...or were the Reuter employees the only humans present?

Both those who died and didn't

Four in the morning.

Murder is murder

These guys were laughing and firing at people that were not shooting at them or anyone else. They were trigger happy murders. I am sick to my stomach that the guy was sooo eager to shoot at the vehicle picking up the wounded. This is a war crime and should be treated as that. There is no battle. This is not a war, there is no opposing army anywhere, but a population resisiting an occupation and this is an example of what some occupying troops do. The sad part, is that these individuals will come back to society and will end up in prison.

This is what they are taught to do.

They are taught to hate. They are taught to kill. They are good at it. I suppose if I had to choose someone to defend me from an attack, as distasteful as they are, I would want someone like these guys.

The criminals are the ones that sent them there and keep them there. It is the wars and occupations themselves that are indefensible.

Our culture glorifies war. Just watch the History channel.
The rules of war are a sick oxymoron.

This is just mass murder.

No war pretext. Please don't confuse the term invasion with war. There no congruency between the two.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

How would you define the difference?

Please don't take my comments wrong. I am completely against whatever you want to call it. Invasion and occupation is certainly a good description.
For me the war crimes should start at the top and work their way down. Follow the money trail and you will find the real criminals.

Listen to this video -- is this more how you'd like to

see it "handled" -- listen to the conversation, the rationale, and their concern for a child in area.


Beware of the suprise ending at 2:40.

octocop showing his true colors

read the following slowly so maybe you can comprehend:


I knew I was right about you