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Where can it be found

Where are the places with jobs...cheap rents..(housing)...and a Freedom Movement going on?
I really would like to know.
I know its not in NC..or OK...been there..tried that..and getting..like so many others on here Im sure..one step closer to homelessness.

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Maybe Austin, Texas?

They are pretty independent-minded in Texas, and I think Austin is a growing, midsize city with an economy better than most areas.

Ann in Florida


Thank you all for your answers...I wasnt just asking for myself here really.
You see...Im smart enough to know Im not smart enough to start a site up for those who are in trouble..and need a hand up and a big dose of freedom. I also know Im not smart enough to start a group...(lets just say..medical problem that in 5 or 10 yrs..less on Obummer care maybe..will be cured...and 6ft under)

We could not make it to NH..and my body couldnt take the cold...

Im sure there are a lot of people out there like us..me and hubby...We dont want a hand out..just a hand up...we're just a few days/weeks from being homeless..no job..no savings...and no family to turn too..(dont even get me started on them..grrrrr)
We dont want pity...

There needs to be a place (and do NOT say go to craigslist) for people who want the info..jobs..places to live..places to stay until they get the money to get a place of their own...a 'how and where to survive guide'

I have posted this idea here before on the DP....(and if those same two a$$holes are reading that read it before..please..no I was dead..my life isnt worth crap emails ok..its just not nice)

I think the DP and other sites are great for informing people about the truth..for bringing like minded people together..but what does it do for those who have already lost everything?..How can we help each other survive until we can take our country back?
Shelters dont want people unless they are dealing with a drug/drinking problem..cant get grant money from someone just down on their luck. There has to be away to help people...But..how..(as I said Im smart enough to know Im not smart enough)

Oh..as for my husband..he worked about 12yrs in a dye house...but he wants a labor job..something he can do..learn..(get paid under the table would be frickin great)..he did serve in the Navy for 6yrs but didnt learn much there that helps in todays world...
As for me...if he gets that job..and we can settle down..your all invited over for coffee...hope you dont want decafe..yuck...or better yet..I'll serve you a nice tall glass of ice TEA...

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

It really matters on if you

It really matters on if you have any specific trades or if you are willing to do farmwork or work at a pot shop.

Here in Colorado there are alot of pot shops opening up and it seems like they were giving alot of people jobs. Here in Grand Junction there were shops opening up left and right and alot of people were getting jobs until our facist local government put a moratorium on new pot shops until they can figure out how they will regulate them. How idiotic do they have to be when our city was just recently listed as the worst place for jobs prospects.

Grand Junction housing is still way too overpriced but rent is dropping due to the amount of rental vacancies. We have alot of potential here for agriculture but still haven't reached the point where it is a good place to find agricultural jobs. So I don't really suggest Colorado at this point because it just came out that government spending is increasing in the face of less tax receipts and higher unemployment.


Texas in general and House District 14 in particular.

Make friends with Ron Paul and Debra Medina.

The coastal area south of Houston truly is a beautiful part of the state, and you should find an affordable place. I'd move there if I wasn't so tied up where I am, but then I'm in Texas so that's the most important part.

I don't have any ideas but

I wish you well and good luck to you.

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I probably cannot answer your

I probably cannot answer your questions exactly, but might be able to offer some info...

Regarding freedom movements, the first to come to mind are Keene, NH and Fairbanks, AK. I don't know about the job or housing situation in those areas, though. I imagine that there could be freedom movements in pretty much any area... just needs at least one person with a little motivation to organize (maybe you could do that wherever you move to). One thing that could also give you an idea regarding freedom movement & level of support for Ron Paul is http://ronpaul.meetup.com/ - there you can see what areas have meetup groups supporting Ron Paul as well as how many people are members of those groups. Ron Paul has a lot of support in both Idaho & Montana during the '08 campaign, so those states might be worth looking into for the freedom movement aspect.

You mention both NC & OK... I'm from NJ, so I suppose it's just a matter of perspective. NC & OK both have a much lower and more affordable cost of living compared to NJ, as far as I know. Probably my biggest issue with NJ are the property taxes here. Two years ago our local paper reported that average property taxes in NJ are $7,000 (not sure what they are now in 2010, probably a bit higher, though). Due to the property taxes here that has me looking for other areas myself, when I'm in a position to buy my own house. I cannot see paying so much in property taxes now and going forward when there are areas that have nowhere near that level of taxation.


I have some family in the Tampa, FL area... apparently there are a significant number of properties for sale or rent. Probably some deals to be had there. I know of one mobile home park that is selling mobile homes for $500 which are livable, but probably do need a bit of work. I think the monthly cost is around $500 as well, for lot rent, etc. I don't know much about the job market in that area, though.

Central and western PA always seems to also get my attention. Seems there are many areas with much lower property taxes than NJ... distressed properties that you might be able to buy on the cheap, but would need some fixing up. Even within an hour of Pittsburgh there seem to be some deals. Regarding Pittsburgh, by the way, I have read more than one article which points out Pittsburgh as being the ONLY area of the country that is gaining (even if only slightly) in property values. I don't know why that is, but that is what I have read more than once.

Hmmm... something else that I haven't really had time to research yet... Alabama. I was out with my mother recently and we ran into someone she knew from the neighborhood back in her school days. He moved to AL just over 30 years ago... came back to NJ looking for work after being laid off (still has family in the area here). I made good use of the opportunity and quizzed him quite a bit about AL and comparisons to where we live. I asked which area he likes better and he said AL without even thinking about it for a second. He said where he lived in AL was very similar to our area in NJ, but that the cost of living was way lower in AL. Said that the only real similarity in terms of costs was with food, which was barely different at all. While NJ has $7,000 avg property taxes, he said that his property taxes in AL were just under $50 per year. Of course, I figured there was no way he had trash pickup, ample police coverage, adequate 911 services, etc - but he said they have all of that and it is just fine there. I recall something about $350 monthly rents for 2/3 bedroom homes... I'm pretty sure that's what he said.

Moving on...

About jobs... I suppose it all depends on what your work expertise is. What is it that you do? I would imagine that an area with high level of industry in your field of expertise would be places you might also want to focus on.

If I think of anything else I'll post some more.


Alaska (Fairbanks especialy)

Alaska (Fairbanks especialy) has the highest cost of living in the US.

it will not be "cheap" but we are very liberitarian as a whole, we have some of the best privacy and gun laws in the states.

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