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California Sheriff with Bail Agent Declare I DONT NEED A WARRANT as they storm woman's home. CAUGHT ON VIDEO.

View Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOallUDsSzc&feature=youtu.be

This lady should have handled herself better or been more articulate, but these government agents were clearly violating the law.

17 News discovered a youtube video of Kern County Sheriff's Deputies and a bail bonds enforcement officer entering a local woman's home after she told them they couldn't come in without a warrant and her consent. With the evidence she caught on tape, the law seems to be on her side.

"I don't need a warrant," the bondsman said as he appeared to enter on his own into the home from a back door on the youtube video.

There were also sheriff's deputies at the front door. Deputies and bail bond enforcement officials have different laws but a local bail bondsman not affiliate with this case said what happened in this case was against the law.

"If you see the person go in, you can go in," Glenn Pierce, the owner of Gotta Go Bail Bonds said. "But you just can't go in randomly."

The woman who lived at the home told 17 News her name is Star. She said she is in hiding because threats were made against her. She also said deputies and the bail bondsman violated her rights by forcing entry into her home after she stated she was the only one there.

Attorney H.A. Sala says based on the video evidence, the Sheriff's Department could have a lawsuit on its hands because of the way they forced into the home without any knowledge of the wanted person being in the home. "They have to knock, state a purpose, say they have a warrant and give time for the person to surrender," Sala said.

Authorities were looking for Joseph Baker who was arrested for battery on a peace officer in September. They were also looking for a man named Alan Gjurovich because he co-signed on Baker's bail bond which Baker forfeited by not showing up in court. Gjurovich is in hiding but spoke to 17 News by phone. He said the sheriff's department is trying to stop him from filing a lawsuit against the county that could damage county judge and clerks' credibility.

"They're trying to scare us out of town and out of the county," Gjurovich said. "The message I was getting, they were giving us a 48 hour ultimatum--give them what they want on Joe Baker or they will personally come down and arrest me."

Sheriff Donny Youngblood confirmed the deputies in the video are from the Kern County Sheriff's Department, but he said he can't comment because an internal affairs investigation is being launched.

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sic semper tyrannis

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You need to see what Joe Baker looked like after they arrested him in Sept. He was Rodney king'd. They beat the s@#$ out of him.

Formerly rprevolutionist

In Colorado, she could have

In Colorado, she could have shot every single one of them.

how many shots?

How many cops do you see?
If she had tried to shoot any of them she might have gotten 1 or 2 shots. Then she would have had so many bullets in her it would have taken a coroner days to find them all. You stand no chance standing up for your rights in this type situation. You make 1 false move and you are dead. Then the press spins it that you were harboring a fugitive or wanted on several charges. The justice system is broken.

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go ahead

make my day!

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She never said get out, She never said don't come in never said

stay out She never asked if they had a search warrant
She just said warrant

A warrant is not always

A warrant is not always needed. A police officer in hot pursuit does not need a warrant, nor does a police officer with probable cause. For example, if a person is arrested in a motor vehicle, the officer does not need a warrant to search the car. If he witnesses a fleeing suspect enter a building, he has probable cause to follow, without a warrant.

We need to understand the law and the facts of the case, not fly off the handle. The police are there for our benefit. Of course there are exceptions - there are bad apples in every bunch, but we need to give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, they can't do their job.

They were looking for someone

They were looking for someone who did not live there. An arrest warrant does not give even a bounty hunter the right to enter any property he wants. He has to see the person enter. This was a clear violation of this woman's constitutional rights. The woman had no obligation to open her door and should not have, but she still has excellent grounds for a civil rights law suit.

The police are not there for our benefit.. They are there for the benefit of the State.

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disturbing . . .

under the circumstances I think she was quite articulate.

I am not sure I could have handled it any better.

I wonder how many times I have used the words: disturbing, chilling, scary on here--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Reminder to always keep a video camera with you.


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