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14 Year Old West Texas Boy Killed By Police After Parents Report Him Missing

EL PASO — A 14-year-old Hudspeth County boy has been killed in an exchange of gunfire with police just hours after his parents reported him missing, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Monday.

The boy, who has not been identified, was spotted Sunday night by deputies from the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office along with Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens at a deer camp on the sprawling Gunsight Ranch in rural Hudspeth County, said department spokeswoman Tela Mange. The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Texas Rangers unit is investigating the shooting.




Always think twice before dialing 911.

Ask yourself, do you really need that kind of help?



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Yes, it is exactly what I expect the police to do

They are there to...

1) take care of themselves first and stay safe
2) to feed their families by eating our tax dollars

...and dont forget the police are like God, they are always right (unless you get the video on them). But even when you get the video you loose.

This is why I dont call 911 for everything. Maybe there are some situations where it is called for; but only as a very last resort.

Yes, it is exactly what I expect the police to do

incidents like this are happening--

elsewhere; I can provide links.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What would you expect the

What would you expect the police to do if someone is firing at them? What would YOU do?

that is what has been 'reported'--

perhaps it did happen that way, but perhaps it was misreported--

and police *should* learn (of all people) how to disarm people, especially someone as young and inexperienced as this--

without killing *them*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The kid was in the most rural county in Texas.

On a ranch with no where to go but to a barn.

If the cops had just backed off the situation most definately would have had a different outcome.

How many cops were actually shot? If none then were they actually being shot at? No one knows.

Here is what I do know... I can tell you for certain that the Feds were not involved. Here is how I know.

The barn wasn't rammed by teargas weilding tanks and burned to the ground after the incident.

Definately the Feds had no involvement in this. We can say that for certain.