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Giordano's Racing Form: 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Odds

Giordano's Racing Form: 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Odds

http://narcosphere. narconews. com/thefield/3886/giordanos-racing-form-2012-republican-presidential-nomination-odds

The Crazier: Ron Paul
He’ll be back. The same crowd of Paultards will support him. He’ll get about the same number of votes as he did in 2008. But unless Palin, Huckabee and Gingrich all decline to be candidates, Paul’s dreams of leading an electoral teabagger parade will be crushed under the celebrity star power of one of those three. If none of the crazies compete, look for Paul to expand his base and his vote, but still come in third behind Romney and the to-be-determined Anti-Romney. If GOP base voters view Mormons as strange and foreign, they view Paul as an alien from another solar system.

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it reminds me of the troll who invaded the Kenya thread yesterday.
Those types seem to get off on the keyboard, but sadly only by offending others.
Not a glimpse of creativity towards good things, only destruction.
On a keyboard... what is even more sad.

p.s. who is Giordano? Do I have to know him?