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Kentucky Third Parties Clear the Way for Rand Paul!

This is what all 3rd parties should be doing. get behind one guy and make the votes count.


The Libertarian Party of Kentucky recently held its nominating convention for 2010 elections and failed to nominate a candidate for Senate. Similarly, the Constitution Party of Kentucky is rumored to be avoiding the Senate race ostensibly because of Rand Paul’s presence in that race. Rand Paul, a Republican candidate for the open U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky is currently ahead in polling by double digits and is largely considered the frontrunner. Rand Paul is the son of Congressman and former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

K. Joshua Koch, vice chair of the Kentucky Libertarian Party, was an early supporter of the younger Paul’s run for Senate. George Whitfield, one of the organizers of the Libertarian Party meetups in Kentucky, was also an early supporter and made a donation to Rand Paul’s exploratory committee.

More : http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2010/04/kentucky-t...

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To Kentucky Leadership:

To those in Leadership positions in Kentucky's L.P. and C.P.:

If I were in your position, I would ensure that I let the Kentucky GOP Leadership aware of your stance.

If the GOP wants to win ANY race in the country come November, they need to pander to us.

Either they push with us, and get behind Constitutional-Libertarian GOP candidates, or continually lose to the "other" Leftist Party in the General Election.

We are peoples of prinicple. They are not... but they can change, at least I hope.