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The Obama administration is delaying release of the annual report on Social Security and Medicare!


The Obama administration is delaying release of the annual report on the financial health of Social Security and Medicare so that the new report can reflect the impact of the recently passed health care overhaul.

An administration official told The Associated Press that this year's trustees report will be delayed until June 30, three months later than it usually comes out.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity before the formal announcement, said Monday that the delay will allow the government to determine the impact of the massive overhaul of health care that President Barack Obama just signed into law.

more : http://www.realclearpolitics.com/news/ap/politics/2010/Apr/0...

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SteveMT's picture

By that time, there will be enough going on that they will....

be able to sneak this report through without as much scrutiny.

On going wars, stock market, dollar, and commercial real estate collapses, as well as a push with the passage of the carbon tax bill. Won't gasoline be $4 a gallon by then also?

They will sneak these bad numbers in below the above radar.

They are having

trouble pulling the numbers out of their ass. lol

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You could not be more right.

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Another testament to Federal inefficiency

by taking THREE MONTHS to pull numbers from ass.

Does this matter?

We all know these "programs" are virtually bankrupt anyway....

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Mightn't it have been nice for them to determine the impact of

the bill on Social Security and Medicare BEFORE they passed it into law?

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In a perfect world yes, in

In a perfect world yes, in Amerika NO!

Bad Timing

They won't release it tomorrow. They want a strong dollar tue, wed, thu, in order to suck money out of the stock market and into long-term treasury auctions.

I think it is because the

I think it is because the report is not looking pretty and could possibly kill the healthcare bill.