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Kentucky Third Parties Clear the Way for Rand Paul

This from the Independent Political Report

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky recently held its nominating convention for 2010 elections and failed to nominate a candidate for Senate. Similarly, the Constitution Party of Kentucky is rumored to be avoiding the Senate race ostensibly because of Rand Paul’s presence in that race. Rand Paul, a Republican candidate for the open U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky is currently ahead in polling by double digits and is largely considered the frontrunner. Rand Paul is the son of Congressman and former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

K. Joshua Koch, vice chair of the Kentucky Libertarian Party, was an early supporter of the younger Paul’s run for Senate.

Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s 2008 Presidential nominee, has had good things to say about Rand Paul too, calling him a “sincere conservative-libertarian”, in contrast to “Big Government neocon” John McCain.

Rand Paul is considered a friend to ballot-access reformers according to Richard Winger, editor of Ballot Access News. He is well-educated on the unjustness of current ballot access laws.

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I keep having to sign in


I am so happy to hear this. This is what I have been saying needs to happen in the Presidential election. All third parties need to get behind one candidate.