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Kokesh for congress

Money is tight for many of us but let's do our part in keeping Adam Kokesh's campaign alive. We all know what an amazing patriot Adam is. Let's show him some support, some love, some encouragement, some gratitude and some cash.

Keep this bumped for our freedom and for his money bomb today: kokeshforcongress.com

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bumpity bump

just curious ...
are people (a) totally broke and not contributing at all, (b) giving a little bit to many candidates or (c) just picking 1 or 2 candidates to support?

affirmation: President Paul 2008

bump for freedom

bump for liberty, bump for honesty, bump for integrity,

bump for KOKESH and bump for cash!

affirmation: President Paul 2008

bump, can't donate but I hope

bump, can't donate but I hope he can raise a little bit.

No problem

There is another moneybomb on the 15th too if your waiting for a paycheck. I only managed a small amount so I plan to give some more that day.