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Glen Beck Claiming "I've gone from a big hawk to not Ron Paul, but on the road to Ron Paul."

This is interesting. Strait from the mouth of Glen Beck here is the quote (take from it what you will).

"We all change. That's the point. We all learn. In the last five years, I have — I've gone from a big hawk to not Ron Paul, but on the road to Ron Paul. Part of it is motivated by we can't spend it anymore."


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Beck just spoke to CUFI

"Citizens United for Israel," Hagee's organization. No way would he ever support Ron Paul or Rand Paul.

He'll pay lip service to spending but then he'll endorse the neocon frontrunner, whoever that may be.


...has spent more time in the wilderness than Moses. I doubt he'll be finding his way out any time soon (even with all the breadcrumbs left for him to follow). "BECK!!! Let your people go!!!"

Fuck Glenn Beck


They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

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"we can't spend it anymore"

It's sort of like canceling HBO or vowing to pack your lunch for work.

Killing people 6,000 away is pretty good, but not if we can't spend it anymore.

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We all change.... Most of us

We all change.... Most of us don't change as often as you Glenn... You change more than the wind direction!

Credibility follows ACTION, not TALK

"The older I get, I find myself paying less attention to what men say, and more so to what they DO."

-Andrew Carnegie

These Media people get ZERO credibility in my book, until there is an election and they highlight, push, & support ALL liberty candidates.

Absent that ACTION, they can pound sand.
Cheers, lads.

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787


Guys like Beck reduce everything to a policy debate, a hawk or a dove. This has some value in politics and elections, but in media, it completely waters down the argument.

We are accusing very exact people of war crimes. Until one stops "debating policy" and starts naming names--and dare call it treason (or at least criminal) one is still in some high school, rather college, class having a meaningless "policy" debate.

He should stick to humiliating himself with teddy bears at the border--an actual invasion.

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Yeah and I'm only a little gay


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


No, seriously, LOL!!!!

Glen Beck is a shill

Glen Beck is a shill

"There is only one kind of freedom and that's individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it." - Ron Paul

No...I'm a Schill

Beck is a SHIT!!!!

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

turd sandwich

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I won't even read the story.

I won't even read the story. I will say that I welcome Beck promoting all things liberty and if he truly has come around I will support everything he says that's right. I will also be watching for snake-like moves and will denounce him at the drop of a hat if he starts crawling sideways...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Beck is a tool

his big objection to all the war is the expense. If we could continue to relentlessly, irrationally bust heads for pennies on the dollar, he'd be cool with that.

He does make a point though, lack of money can reign them in. Control the purse strings and you can control them. It seems that money controls Beck's philosophy, at least.

Just open the box and see

An oldie but a goodie

I just puked on the ground and the chunks spelled out:


I call it prophecy...

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Why did you bother to dredge

Why did you bother to dredge up this OLD thread? We have enough crap to sift through without adding this to the mix.

haha I understand your frustration, but the new-

comers might not know about Beck.

Hopefully, reviving this thread will keep them more informed on the impostor-at-large.

Edit: Lol! and now I'm really glad I revived this thread: look at the Beck-Bashing going on.

Suck it, Beck!

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Fox Disinformation

An affective "dis-information" campaign is 90-95% true. It's that small percent that's incorrect, left out etc., that make all the difference! Beck's done a good job exposing the communist idiots surrounding obama, but never hear him give any meaningful discussion on the IMF, who actually owns the media in this country, who controls our congress (congressmen have written books about AIPAC control SEN PAUL FINDLEY--IF AMERICANS KNEW!) the common denominator amongst the criminal banksters behind the IMF & Fedl Rsrve. Who owns all the newspapers, who owns 95% of the publishing houses (including the ones that publish school textbooks), who owns all of the cable stations, including Disney, Nick, & Cartoon Ntwrk, who started & controls the ACLU....There is a common denominator, & it's a small group of people who comprise a miniscule portion of the population but control all facets of our society that affect public opinion to implement social engineering. These same people control much of the porn industry, support gay, lesbian, transgender rights & hate crimes legislation to protect pedophiles! Their occultic bible, straight from Babylon, authorizes rabbis the marry 3 yr olds. Jesus identified them as the "Synagouge of Satan."

90% truth

is 100% lie

funny, your post is

funny, your post is disinformation. unless you are trying to be ironic?

glenn beck is not that smart. he might not have morals or a backbone, but he's not "secretly" confusing everyone...

Dr. Paul's my only hope for Prez

He's my choice for President too. I believe the republicans (& the zionists that control both parties) will never allow a true constitutionalist to occupy that office (If we actually have a "free" election in 2012, now that the justice dept. condones Blackpanther intimidation, wer'e giving taxpayer money once again to Acorn, or whatever their "front" name/names are today). How about that new legis. in Mass, just voting to give all its electorals to whoever has the "popular vote." Hmm, sounds like chances of a free election in 2012 are dubious, thanks to no paper trail. Oh, & lets not forget the amnesty push, Puerto Rico, etc. & all the other things their scrambling for in their effort to sell America to the IMF banksters. I don't care if I throw away my vote on the one person w/princples, Dr. Paul can count on my vote & I believe alot of other former dems & republs have woken up too! Oh & Beck thinks he has everyone sold on Palin; funny since AIPACs now her biggest funder (see their Jews for Sarah website supporting her 2012 run). She gave an interview saying she believes supporting Israel will hasten the Messiah's return. Yeah & Armagedon! I just read conservatives in Georgia are angry w/Mrs. Palin because she recently campaigned for a fake conservative who supports transgender rights, gay marriage, etc. Mrs. Palin is full of contradictions. She wrote about how horribly she was mistreated by the neocon McCain, but she found it necessary to campaign recently for him too. Seems Sarah knows Fox has her hypocrisy covered. Could be that zionist Murdoch had a sit down w/Ailes to make sure she gets no probing press (like the 08 mtg he had during the Obama election where Vanity Fair rprtd Murdoch forced Ailes to give favorable covrg to O'liar during the campaign). Murdoch was a big Obama campaign contributer too. I recall an interview where Mrs. Murdoch said how embarrassed she & her hubby are of Fox (among thier elitist friends), but that it was all about money, since she and her husband are, of course liberals. Its so embarrassing to be a liberal zionist & own a conservative news org when all your elitist rich friends are into global governance. BTW that reminds me, why isn't anyone talking about the recent relationship forged between Murdoch & his friend Soros in China Broadband Capital (i.e. internet). Murdoch suppressed the truth about Obama during the election on many fronts. (ex. Why wld Fox ask for months on end if Obama knew about Wright & why he sat in the church for 20 yrs? Well it's all in Obama's autobiography Dreams of My Fathe (pg 282) where Obama talks about the 1st time he met Wright & was told BY WRIGHT that he studied Islam, communist philosphers, & Black liberation theology & all this, including "the anger from the streets" he brought w/him to his church---unholy Trinity. Wright even told O'liar that his fellow clergy didn't respect him because he was "too radical" (pg 283). I'm not a reporter, but it's pretty easy to confirm Obama knew and chose to attend trinity, because LIKE MINDS THINK ALIKE, OR RATHER SCUM ATTRACTS SCUM. No need for guessing, he was told directly by Wright the 1st time they met! Obama describes in Dreams that he also took one of the church's brochures which explained it all, IN DETAIL, that 1st time he met Wright, while a community thuggerizer in Chicago. Hannity & O'reilly spent countless hours quessing if Obama had any clues as to Wright. Hannity continually said Obama was a man of integrity, but that he had show himself to be a poor judge of character! Hannity said (in summer 08)that he was currently reading Dreams for the third time (it had been along time since he had read it before). Either Mr. Hannity needs help understanding the English language, or he's a liar!!! I called his radio show to find out why he wouldn't tell the truth about another lie Obama told (which is proven to be a lie because the true story is in obama's book Dreams, pg.88). This was a very egregious lie concerning his grandmother & his "save the campaign speech" where O'liar threw her under the bus. Hannity's handlers at his ABC owned radio show said "we're not reporting that story" & hung up on me. I called back & they hung up again. Next I sent countless emails to Fox to every show & no one mentioned the lie. The only person who tried to tell the truth about Obama was Ann Coulter & she was censored on the Hannity show. (you can download the script, it where Colmes asks her why she knows Obama is a racist & she looks at Hannity & says, that's what I came her to talk about but you said I can't!!!). It was the show right after her synd. article about reading Obama's Dreams autobiography where she compares it to Hitler's Mein Kampf and calls Dreams a "dime store" version & said Obama is a sociopathic lunatic (I think it was when he talked about killing the white race & repopulating the earth on page 86 that must have spawnded Coulter's belief in the O'nnointed one's insanity!). Then she compares America''s plight to Germany's by saying "if only Germans had read it (MK)! Oh that's right, no one in American Idol, Dancing w/the Stars Twitter obsessed America bothered to read the autobiography of the man they knew nothing about, running for president. Murdoch, who admitted to voting for Obama in the cited article,is currently desperately trying to shut down alternatives sites that get stories from the AP, that's what his "paywall" is all about. They've got to shut down free speech before everyone wakes up. Why anyone would believe anything Fox says is ridiculous. May as well an infomercial for the bilderberg. Fox is doing a great job reporting the dangers & problems w/corexit in the Gulf, the workers getting sick, plants & marine life dying, including mollusks & crabs. How about the toxic corexit rain some are reporting causing crops to die? No didn't hear that on Fox? You have to catch those stories on the local news because Fox is in the BP public relations/disinformation business!

the impenetrable wall of text...

Try throwing a couple paragraphs in there. I think many people will skip over your post.

yup, i did

yup, i did

Me too!

Paragraphs, punctuation, capitalization, correct word usage, and proper spelling are important in written communication. Ignore them and you are wasting your time writing.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


i started to read it then just went on past.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Glenn Beck

can just go suck some eggs or jump in front of the nearest cruising by bus.

He's such a lowlife.

Ron Paul is My President

I have liked much of what Glenn Beck has exposed but

I will NEVER forget what he did to Debra Medina. He exposed himself in one fell swoop.


...I would say he exposed himself long before that. POS - straight up.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Glen Beck Zionist Lies

True "patriots" shldn't trust Beck, & certainly not FOX News. Ex. Beck attacked Deborah Medina for saying she had "questions" about 9/11 because truthers are insane---made her out to be "crazy", destroying her campaign & then praised NAFTA supporter Perry--This coming for someone whose motto is "Question w/Boldness." I saw yesterday (Fri 7/30), he attacked the Teaparty Express for being racist (i.e. not being politically correct about Islam). Perhaps he's covertly working for AIPAC & the ACLU or just up Murdock's but. Zionist couldn't give a crap about Islam. Its a trojan horse for the creation of Global Govt.& they use Islam (& the hatred zionists inspire)to promote & foment "political correctness" for the suppression of free speech, which serves their zionist nationalist militaristic, antichrist regime, hell bent on ushering in their globalist agenda and anti-messiah world leader.

True patriots figured out a long time ago zionist/necons like Beck infiltrated the teaparty movement (i.e. since they can't destroy the threat overtly, they direct their malevolent machinations toward internal and subversive "damage control" from within. Really, the same idea Stalin touted, based on Marxist theory.) Marx espoused the usuage of Hegelian Dialectic to subvertly cause the desired outcome. It was never about Eutopia or communism, that's what our poor pathetic & aethistic academics were "taught & indoctrinated to believe," so they would in turn indoctrinate our children. It was never about humanitarianism - another trojan horse,it was always about enslavement through serfdom, to destroy America within & implement the zionist global world domination). Marx, much celebrated & balleyhood among our academia, was truely a pathetic anti-intellect, best known for plagurism, propaganda, & espousing the maniupulated ideas of far more deserving individuals

The true enemies of freedom, our Constitution, & God, identified that Americans won't even realize the small doses of media & educational propaganda being fed to them along w/their children. Its all part of the Talmudic "Plan." If the Masonic Protocols aren't true, why are they directly taken from the pages of the sages in the Talmud? Why have the most brilliant minds throughout the world for the past 100 yrs continually warned mankind of the "Plan"? And why does America support a regime that is currently murdering and persecuting Christians (as well as true orthodox and God Loving Jews who are against the Satanic Talmud) in a supposed "democracy" called Israel? Why was a man just found guilty of Rape, in such a country for having "consensual sex" with a jewish woman, simply because he was a non-jew?

This was under the same NOAHIDE LAWS used to prosecute and murder the very Messiah, Jesus, who identified the Talmudic/Jewish religion as a "Synagouge of Satan." Please refer to the Bible and Jesus' constant references to the Pharissess, including the prophecies of Revelation & then look up on any Jewish encyclopedia to see who now controls Judaism and its religion, THE PHARISSEES. Bush formally recognized Noahide Laws in our Congress and espoused America to uphold these laws(& there should be no doubt where SCOTUS is headed w/AIPAC, ACLU & Israel controlling that last hope of our once God loving nation). It is a crime in Israel for Christians to proseltyize, it is the goal of Isreal & AIPAC that it be illegal worldwide to wipe out all traces of the movement called the "Way" Jesus started. "I am the Way" the words Talmudic Jews most hate!

We now have 3 jewish SCOTUS judges & no protestant judges (jews make up less than 2% of our poplulation & protestants over 50%). Two of these nine justices are openly gay (unless you listen to the media, who of course suppresses what is openly known on Kagan's former campus by all the students!).

We have a member of NAMBLA and an open homo appnted as the "safe school cszar" who admitted knowing a sixteen yr old studen was having gay sex in a bus depot w/random sex partners, without a condom, & he felt it prudent not to notify the parents, recommend counseling for depression, etc. How many of Obama's appnts aren't gay, marxist, antiamerican, racist, etc.? Rahm, the dual citizen whose father was a well publicised Isreali terrorist, served in the IDF, but not the US military (apparently, after this fag got out of the ballet). Don't suppose the Obama takes advise on appnts. from Rahm do you? Kagan, the name of Khazarian jewish royalty and Axelrod, who seems likley related to trotsky cohort Pavel Axelrod, who later moved to NY, where Axelrods, communist parents are from & is also in the same line of work. Coincidence. Take a gander at Pavel's picture. The resemblance is unnerving!

At the same time our teachers are being fired for praying, children are being suspended for bringing Bibles to school, & Christians are being prosecuted under hate crimes legislation, on U.S. soil, for simply opposing homosexuality and gay marriage! But we have a president recognizing the NOAHIDES (The same laws that say a Christian should be beheaded for uttering the name of the Messiah.

We have the ACLU working w/Mossad as a spy agency for Isreal against people like you: Christians, Constitutionalists, freedom lovers, etc. (This accusation comes directly from a former head attrny for ACLU,& jew, who left after many years because of their crimes & can be seen in a video documentary about this zionist org.) They don't give a crap about political correctness, unless the end result is Americans lose the Constitutional right of freedom to speak the truth, even if it is "politicaly incorrect" & an affront to zionism. To implement the final states of world governance, freedom of speech is the biggest enemy to zion. The hijacked version, that is. The fake, anti-God, aethiestic version the Messiah identified.

The Pharissees didn't want Jesus murdered because he blasphemed, they knew who he was, they knew who John the Baptist was (the spirit of elijah, as prophesied). Jesus was a threat to their greed, corruption, and plan for world domination. The lied about him, just as they are about the teaparty now!

Many God loving Jews are speaking out, not all our aethiest anti-christ zionists (See Finkelstein, etc.) Zionist are the Pharissees, Pharissess now control Judaism & have exclusivly for almost 2000 yrs(See the Jewish encyclopedia), & reconcile that w/the propecies of Jesus.

Not only have they been trying to destroy the message of the Messiah since they had him murdered by the Sanhedrin (under the NOAHIDES) 2000 years ago. Jesus identified who they are (PHARISEES) --- "The Synagouge of Satan." They couldn't suppress his message so they infiltrated to supress his message (in the same way they have infiltrated the tea party movement truly started by Dr. Paul, but whose inspirational founders were the Antifederalists). They killed James & persecuted the earliest followers of Jesus. Too bad they didn't know the Essenes, through the grace & foresight of God, buried thousands of documents that would be found many years later at Qumran (Dead Sea Scrolls). These documents attest to the message of the Messiah & serve to awaken those willing to dilligently seek truth! The Messiah came to save mankind, because of the corruption the sages and Pharissees, which God knew had become so far away from his original Law and was completely devoid of all spiritual content. A doctrine was being propogated on the innocents of the world, his "chosen people" by the very demons he called the "synagouge of satan," This doctrine would only hasten & one day promulgate the world dictator prophesied by Daniel, the world anti-messiah & world governance system, to which we are ever-so close. The total annihilation and subjugation of all mankind. Jesus identified the agents of this evil machination, & they are the same agents dismantling our Constitution & collapsing world economies through usury, for one goal. The same occultic Pharisees who murdered the Messiah & sacrificied their first born to Molech, who pledged God's people to commit unspeakable acts of temple prostitution in servitude of their pagen diety. Their agents are this weekend at Boghemian Grove, practicing their "mock" sacrifice to Molech, while partaking in activities made famous by Sodom.

The real enemy of America, God's People, & the souls of innocents the world over, is not so much Islam, but Zionism! Only the heretical book of the Babylonian Talmud says the Jew will have dominion over all "Goyim" or non-jews, and that the "goyim" is subhuman. Talmudic Jews are forbiden to exact usury on fellow Jews, but are encouraged to destroy and enslave all goyim. That's most of the worlds people! According to Isaiah, the Isrealites were put into captivity not only for worshiping false gods, but for enslaving "their own" with usury. It was forbidden by God and is one of the laws handed down to Moses. It is forbidden because it is used as a "TOOL TO DESTROY NATIONS AND ENSLAVE ITS INHABITANTS." Is is an abomination to God. Even the early Catholic Church forbade Usury.

The early colonials forbade usury. Thomas Jefferson & the Anti-Federalists were against it & the fractional banking cabal of aethiest demons running our country. In fact the anti-federalists thought Washington & Hamilton (the 1st treasury sec & student of talmudic jewry, who wrote 1/2 the Federalist Papers & was forced to resign because of missappropriation of funds--to which he said Washington was part of---& a blackmail scandal he was involved in) were part of a "conspiracy" because the Constitution had so many loopholes it would eventually devolve into a monarchy, dictatorship, or worse.

Sound startlingly perceptive? It may have taken 200 years (an infancy in the history of a great nation), but I'd say they were pretty damn insightful! Jefferson thought central banking would lead to far worse crimes than what our founders came to this continent to escape from. The only politician even resembling the integrity of Jefferson is Ron Paul.

Keep in mind all the media lies. They're all controlled by zionists working toward the same goal. Fox may say its against political correctness, but it tells you what to think & say. Fox claimes the teaparty Express is racist for its views on Islam, meanwhile it attacks Obama for saying we can't identify Radical Isalmic extremists. Say one thing, but do the other. That's the sly subversive way FOX pretends to sound like its conservative, they can plant ideas, but just say the opposite of what they are really planting in your head so the masses, think well maybe since she said she send them "to one of their own" that wasn't racist. (I bet ALCU takes offense to Isaish saying they (jews) enslaved "their own" w/usury & that's why they were expelled from Jerusualem, too!) We're all too familiar with that Obama trick, but really Obama learned it from Rupert Murdoch & the zionist owned, run, & controlled media.

BTW has anyone in America used their brain when listening to Fox on the Sherrod video? How many people think its okay she referred to whites and "their own kind," TWICE. This was at her ACLU speech in MARCH, WHEN SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OVER HER RACIST AFFLICTIONS! If a realtor or doctor, attorney, whatever--- saw a black, jew, hispanic.... customer & said "LET ME TAKE YOU TO YOUR OWN KIND" they'd be sued, lose their license (IT IS ILLEGAL & A FEDERAL CRIME FOR REALTORS TO DO THIS & ITS CALLED STEERING)! Fox can say all day long she was "wrongfully" fired because she's not a racist, but that doesn't me you don't have the god given ability to reason for yourself! Do we Americans lack the ability to reason & discern w/out the media or govt's input? -- are we too stupid to understand the English language! If Fox news shows the murder of people on a video tape & says the murderer is innocent and the victim is really the criminal would you believe it against all logic? Well that's already happened w/the Wikileaks massacre tape (Rueters victim) & the flotilla lies. We can't take back our country until we refuse to be indoctrinated, think for ourselves, & put God's law above everything. That includes protecting an illegal nation that God himself took away from jews in the diaspora & said would not be re-established until the Messiah comes, NOT BEFORE. For more info on the illegal country of Israel from an orthodox god loving Jewish perspective, go to Truetorahjews or Natureikarta (orthodox jews against the pre-mature re-establishment of Isreal by an aethiest regime because it is against the commandments of God).

Jesus was against prememptive and offensive wars. Do not support a country that is a fraud. We cannot turn our backs on God to support a nation intent on destroying our sovereignty & the message of Jesus & the very commission Jesus gave to all God's people. All zionist evangelicals in this country are false prophets working for the antichrist/beast system (whether they know it or not). Seek truth in all things, including scripture & learn the Essenes' doctrines. Jesus said when what is right is wrong & what is wrong is right, he is at the very door. Does anything in this country make sense to you anymore? Call on His Spirit for truth and turn off your T.V.s & check your children's school textbooks, homeschool if possible.

In these periolous times, remember Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will reject thee .... and I will reject thy children." Jesus said "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life" ... God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in TRUTH" ...for the Father seeketh such to worship him."

Only if we seek truth will His Spirit be revealed & can have a chance of turning things around until the appointed time when our Messiah returns because all hope is lost.

When Glenn Beck calls himself a

"terrorist", then I might consider him a Paulite. Until then, he's just another douche on television trying to manipulate the minds and souls of citizens on behalf of his handlers.