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Hannitizer now available (works on Graham, Greyson, Cheney, and Giuliani) too!

With all the malicious germs out there it was only a matter of time...

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I tried it but it didn't get

I tried it but it didn't get rid of Benito Giuliani germs. Need something stronger.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

Most excellent!

Are there more Neo-Con names on the other side?

I can think of lots of them.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


too funny.

LOL! reminds me of Va-Poo-rizer

From the movie Envy, with Jack Black

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I love it

! We need more of these gimmicks and slogans to undermine the efforts of such blowhards, and their impact on the mind(less)sets of the sheeple.

I agree - creativity catches the eye.

I really appreciate some humor through all this. I just re-registered "IHateRonPaul.com" and am getting ready to gear up again for another round in the coming elections. I had put up that site in 2007-08 and it was very popular.

There are plenty of people to add to that list. And the name draws detractors in (to learn some things).

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"


Good one!