MSM: We Spin, We Decide

Here's Fox New's take:

Of course, there was no mention of Ron Paul, who finished a respectable 5th, with 9.1% of the vote.

But it wasn't just Fox. This article from the Washington Post lists who finished, first, second, third, fourth, and sixth. They completely skipped the fifth place finisher, Dr. Ron Paul. See for yourself, below.

What is going on here, and what is the best way we can combat this kind of media bias?

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee finished second with 18 percent of the 14,302 votes cast, and Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas ran third with 15 percent. Huckabee and Brownback had waged a fierce battle for the allegiance of Iowa's social and religious conservatives. An ebullient Huckabee said Saturday night that the outcome will give his campaign a significant boost and vowed to coalesce those conservatives in Iowa and other early-voting states.

Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, the most outspoken opponent of current U.S. immigration policy, finished fourth with 14 percent. Former Wisconsin governor Tommy G. Thompson was sixth at 7 percent. He had said he would quit the presidential race if he failed to finish in the top two, and his campaign said late Saturday that he would make an announcement within 48 hours about his candidacy.

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Write to FOX

I use and write them almost every day.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Fair and balanced?

The corrected results are here:

Public response

I am considering writing to Fox to publicly respond to this report--it seems misleading to selectively omit participants without an explanation.

The closest link I've found is this:,2933,77538,00.html

Anyone know a more direct address?

Well, their show ABOUT media bias

Is reached at but despite the blatant nature of this one, I don't know if they'll consider their own network's bias newsworthy...

Ron Paul, folk hero

I've been listening to all the Ron Paul songs. They're great. How many songs do the other candidates have?

I wonder what it would cost to play 30 seconds of one of them on radio. Wouldn't it be neat to get air-time for some of these musicians and perhaps spark requests for the song?

Commercial jingles have crossed over to the charts in the past.


What do you think? went the fox route

They skipped Paul & Tancredo.

This is my solution

today me and my daughter
got up
unplugged the T.V.
at 8:00 called local cable comp. and cancelled.
we took T.V. outside.
were I proceded to crush it with a sleg hammer for about 10 min. all my naighbors were watching thinking this guy is nuts.
after smashing it to bits i looked over at them and said sorry bout the noise where havin a missouri TV. party.
we went inside.
when i got home from work I ask my daughter what she did today
she said i read a book.
imagine that she can read even after going to public school
im done with these snakes coming into my home
there out

LOL this made my day

I love it! I bet that felt REALLY good!

Love it

I commend you for doing so. Now, we just need to have all of America do the same.

The only reason I even turn the news on these days at all is to verify how they don't talk about Ron Paul.

As for Foofighter, just let them have their moment!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

TV free for 30 years

I guess there are two Bob W's on this forum (I'm from Long Island, NY, not Florida). I grew up in a household with a television but didn't have one when I went to college and haven't owned one since. Basically for the same reason I don't have a sewer pipe opening up into my living room.

I'm not surprised that the MSM did not tell the public that Tancredo came in fourth and Paul came in fifth, both ahead of the two Thompsons and far ahead of Giuliani and McCain. They want to be sure that in the general election you get the usual choice of tweedle dum and tweedle dee so that nothing really changes.

I agree with Tancredo that we should halt illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration (now over one million a year). But Tancredo is as much a war monger as George W. Bush, and voted for the Patriot Act. So I'm going with Paul.

Originally from Long Island!

Yep, BobW,

I'm from Huntington, Long Island originally. Say hello and keep pushing in my old diggs!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

you should have...

have sold the the tv and given the money to the paul campaign. :p

still, an effective lesson for your daughter! kudos!

No, no, do it the civilized way!

Shooting. Large caliber rifles ( along with a good berm -- and place the TV on an old tarp, for relatively-easy cleanup of the compacted & perforated remains) are the solution to all pesky TVs & monitors!! :)


the remains are still in a pile right next to my Ron Paul rEVOLution sign right in the middle of my front yard. lol

This sounds like...

What they used to call "a Kodak moment."


I know what will work without fail.
Every time Fox leaves out Ron Paul in an effort to keep him out of the race,we should send many letters to the families of everyone that works for "FOX" news,explaining what their parents are doing to America and how their parents care more about their jobs that their country..or their own children.
We could circulate fliers around the schools that their children go to,and the job sites that their husband,wife,sister,brother ect,work at, and let everyone know what these people are doing to our country and that these nazi`s care more about the money they make than they do America,and again;their own children.
Jerry Alexander
PS. We have to start thinking "Out Side The Box" or we will never get to these Anti-Americans.

Fed Up Vet

targeting people's kids is creepy

I vote no on that. Outside the box is good, but not just any-old-where outside. ;-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

best thing

everyone should encourage friends and family to tune into the NET (for example the live coverage at Ames via Justin.TV) you will ACTUALLY be able to find out what is happening in the world instead of peering into the "false reality" of Corporate NEWS (the mental mushroom factories)....there are some great advantages to the NET ....NO COMMERCIALS!!! No TIME CONSTRAINTS, opportunity to give real feedback like this message...The future is awful grim for the TV news (like it was for traditional camera companies and film dealers and the digital revolution)....just keep in mind that in REALITY the TV news is really trying to compete more with "Entertainment Tonight" and "Extra" than any kind of intelligent discussion of what is happening in the world for those with a brain (the few that exist in America)....for years if you wanted to hear the real news about Palestine you had to watch Canadian Broadcasting.....

give me liberty or give me death

Write a letter

An important way to get the media to pay attention to any subject is to write them about that particular subject.

As someone who has had letters printed in the main stream media that were actually critical of the media outlet that was publishing my letter, I have some advice on the subject.

First, follow the ground rules set up by the newspaper, radio or television station or network. If they say only one letter per month, then only send one per month. If they say keep it to 200 words or less, then keep it to 200 words or less. Ignoring a media outlet's prime rules will get you assigned to the garbage can in almost every case.

Wrap your letter around a news story, opinion piece or previous letter you saw in the same publication you are writing to. Refer to the item's headline with the date. Be accurate and the letters editor will reward you.

Back up your arguments with facts. Attribute facts to credible people or organizations. Know who the recipient of your letter will deem as credible.

Don't try to tell them how to save the world in one letter; the more specific the topic or argument, the better.

Never worry that a letter is too short.

Personalize your argument. If you are a doctor, Iraq War veteran or a home-school parent, don't be afraid to use your expertise to make your case.

Be at least somewhat rational. It's okay to be passionate, angry or a bit off the wall. It's still a fairly free country. You can call President Bush a tool of the oil industry or Ted Kennedy a bad driver. Humor and subtlety are superior to preaching, scolding or spewing ideological tripe.

Use e-mail. Handwritten or typed letters still have a chance, but nowadays e-mailers have the upper hand.

Use spell-check and good grammar. Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or e.e. cummings typographical tricks or unusual fonts. Letters editors will only be annoyed.

Include all your personal info -- real name, address, all phone numbers -- so the paper can reach you easily and quickly. In this age of litigation, verifying letters is a big deal.

Don't write too often. You don't want them saying, "Oh, this guy again."

Never write a letter using a template of talking points provided by special-interest groups or political parties. These perfect, mass produced letters are easy to spot and are discarded on sight. Letters to the editor should be written by you, John Q. Public, not PETA or the NRA or the ACLU.

Above all, be respectful.

I can tell you from experience that these guidelines work.

Iowa Straw Poll Successful Ron Paul Test Market

If Iowa proved anything, it is that Dr. Paul's message is successful.

At first, I was disappointed at the result but you all have convinced me that the result was in fact very positive. No one else accomplished so much with so little. So, if you look at it as a test market (in a very tough market), I would say it is time to get production going in high gear.

I am also more convinced than ever that the main stream media actually has an active "ignore Congressman Paul" agenda (rather than a mere passive failure to notice). How else does one explain such shenanigans?

The important part is that other folks I talk to, who are not entirely sympathetic to Dr. Paul's message, are also beginnig to notice the media omissions. That's a good thing. These folks are beginning to QUESTION. So we just need to keep it up.

By the way, this morning on MSNBC Laura Ingraham (emcee of the Straw Poll presentations) was being interviewed. Did anyone else see that on "Morning Joe"? Did I hear her correctly? She was talking about all us energized fans and she referred to Dr. Paul as "that fella from Texas" without even mentioning his name. Did I get that right? It was puzzling because she was overall pretty positive in her comments descrbing the "huge" number of emotional supporters and referring to "that fella from Texas" as "a true libertarian" (I thought she was a bit patronizing, however).

R. Match

Fox News Bias and opportunity

I know that most of the major news agencies are compromised, but they do seem to have a healthy hatred of each other and significant pride in themselves. Perhaps we can use that.

If we use the bad press in that picture (Fox News - Unfair/Unbalanced) and send a bunch of letters to Keith Olbermann in MSNBC, he will probably take the shot...

We can foment this between all the news agencies and create our own "spin."

Just a thought...

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Very good point

When Faux News, as he like to call them, does something he can use as a target, Keith is usually happy to oblige.

Mother's Milk Of Politics

There is only one thing all of us can -- and *should* -- do to get Ron attention by the MSM...

WE HAVE TO DONATE MONEY TO THE CAMPAIGN. All of us have to contribute at least $25 and more if we can.

We have to make it possible for Ron to air *television* and radio commercials, and repeat them often. (Repetition is essential in product marketing.)

To do so accomplishes the needed goals of name/issue recognition to the vast masses AND it makes voters FEEL that a candidate is a viable choice. (It's simply psychological. People expect a candidate to have the campaign strength necessary to be on television.)

Ron's message has to reach what I call the "massive-passives." There are infinitely more folks watching t.v. than the internet, and those that are on the internet are using it much more for porn and horoscope information than for political news. But don't dismiss those people. Many don't vote but a great many do -- and they'll vote for freedom because freedom allows them to luxuriate in their passive lifestyle. But if they don't know they have a freedom candidate, they'll simply vote for the media darling they think will harm them least.

If Ron reports at least $25 million in the bank at the end of the 3rd Quarter and he starts running t.v. ads on some cable networks, watch the MSM start paying attention to Ron big-time. Some will give him actual respect. Most others will forego the ignore strategy and start the attack strategy which, believe it or not, we want. Attacks are MUCH better than being ignored and the MSM knows it. Attacks are provocative and inspire "passives" to actively learn about someone.

Forget the Ames Straw Poll results -- they're meaningless. The best news from the past 72 hours is that Ron had his biggest donations day of the campaign last week with $750,000 donated in one day. Now THAT'S truly beautiful! That's reason for hope! But he needs much much more!

An ocean is made of small drops of water...a beach of many grains of sand. If you've yet to donate to the campaign, please give at least $25. Spread it out over two months, if necessary, but send Ron the cash he needs for victory. I've already sent $425 and intend on sending Ron $72 more for his 72nd birthday on Aug. 20th. Anyone out there want to "see me" and "raise me?"

your numbers are way off

$25 million in Q3 would be a TENFOLD increase. I don't see that as realistic (although I'm sure not going to stand in the way); we got a 4-fold increase the last quarter; let's hope for similar results this quarter so we don't set ourselves up for disappointment. A 4-fold increase is GREAT; no need to put our expectations unrealistically high.

$750k is also a TENFOLD increase over the actual amount donated last Wednesday: $75k. At least that's what I have read/heard elsewhere. If we got that every day for 90 days, that would be almost $7 million... which would be super. Add to the $2.4 million and we'd be almost to $10 mil. OTOH, $750k every day would be almost $70 mil for the quarter; not even close to realistic, at least at this point.

You may want to get your math chip tested. ;-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Sean Hannity's book Title is.....

Let Freedom Ring....winning the war of Liberty over Liberalism

Are you kidding me Sean?? Liberty? Freedom??

It's not just Fox this time guys, it's everyone. No one wants to report the real numbers except probably Ron Paul's hometown. It's really getting ridiculous...almost to the point that I don't even want to turn on the TV anymore.

Sorry for the negative attitude...just frustrating.

turn on the TV??

Are you nuts?!???

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Media Contact List to keep handy

Here is a list of media contacts to keep on hand. I plan to write to Fox News to politely mention that they made an error in their reporting of the Iowa Straw Poll, and to
provide them will the actual polling results -- and asking that they be more accurate in their news reporting.

Responding with civility, while being vigilant,


Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

This Screenshot of Fox Iowa Straw Poll Needs To Be On T-Shirts

And worn everywhere (to other Straw Polls,media events, rallys,ect you get the picture) with the correct data(Ron Pauls 9.1%) on it outside the screenshot proving how Fox news distorts and lies to the American people.Enough is enough.

This Kind Of Stuff Is Really Going To Bite Fox On The Ass Soon

Guiliani 1.3% Ha Ha Ha..... So much for top tier. This is going to be happening more and more for a while then MSM will have to start listening to us because of our steadfast boycotts of all their advertisers. And we need to let them know this.

McCain = goner
Tommy Thomson aka mr microchip = goner actually quit already
Rudy Guiliani = goner
Fred Thompson??????? yer hats getting dust on it throw it in already
Huckabee nah=goner

Mitt Romney aka Ken of Barbie fame = goner Sooner or later people are going to see through this plastic weasel. His mannerisms subtly remind me so much of Slick Willie it's not even funny(has anyone else noticed this?).This is probably the guy Ron will have to go heads up with, shouldn't be a problem though. Karl Rove could be a deciding factor on all the other GOP candidates sans R Paul if he is hired to run their campaign. My predictions are subject to change.

We're Comin' and They're SCARED!!

The snowball gets bigger and bigGER AND BIGGER!!

"The only thing Necessary for evil to Triumph, is For enough Good Men to do nothing."---Edmond Burke


After I saw this, I thought, this is like the Giuliani remark in the second debate - it didn't work and when Romney tried something similar on ABC, it flopped. The 9/11 argument is dead. Likewise, the Ron Paul eraser didn't work, and backfired, and again this time it won't work. People will push the MSM with comments, e-mails, etc. They will display for all to see the truth that MSM is ignoring him. The establishment media is hard at work trying to make their rope long enough to hang more than themselves.

What is going on here? The

What is going on here?

The "rapists" of America's way of life are "exposing" themselves live and in living color to a slumbering population. Or are they.....slumbering? To me, proof positive, the ruling elite are terrified of a Ron Paul Revolution.

What can we do about it?

Exactly what we have been doing about it...spread the word and educate the populace. To me, this is proof positive that what we have been doing, is working. The ruling elite are terrified of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Spread the word.

It couldn't POSSIBLY be concerted antilibertarian media bias!!

Especially on Fox "News," because they're "Fair and Balanced."
(Just earnin' the nick!)

We have all heard it: First

We have all heard it:

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you win.

It appears this is the attempt of "they" to bring us back to the ignore stage.

Sorry "they" , been there done that, we are firmly entrenched in the "fight" stage. Nice try though.