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Imprisoned in the USA for "Obstruction of Justice"


This has to go viral.

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Austrian economics! Paypal link on youtube followup!

Imissliberty gets my new comment/post of the thread award for pointing out this link. For those who missed it but dislike/like me enough to read my posts instead, here it is. Take it how you will, but is this how you say in America....rickrolled? Or just a good old lesson on capitalism coming from our more socialist neighbors?

I've been accross the US/Canadian border a number of times without incident, but not so with the last time. My friend was driving into Canada and we got a bunch of nonsense questions too, but we didnt act like jerks. Still, we were sent through 2 MORE levels of security, had the car and our wallets carefully searched, and had full background checks. Hell, we even got mocked a couple of times. We didnt act like jerks like this guy, yet were still banned from entry to Canada because my friend had a DWAI 7 years earlier! Yes, we did speak up when it came to that, and were informed that DWAI(mind you, that is the lesser offense than DUI/DWI, less dangerous by far than even slightly fatigued driving, just a revenue source that no one would ever fight against) was a "serious offense in Canada". Really? Is crime really that much of a non issue there?

My point is we didn't act like jerks, or like smart-assed, spoiled children. The husband's jackassery caused the wife to go into hysterics and grab an officer. None of the comments bothered to mention that. The Jerk(tm) was also yelling, "What are you gonna do?! What are you gonna do?!", to the officer, which is what some people tend to yell in a situation that is potentially escalating to a fight. It's basically an all out mockery of someone, asserting that they CAN'T do anything to you to get you to stop, and really no less than calling them out. Is that what you want to do to any officer of the law, let alone a border guard?!?! I'm amazed at how different our perceptions are, I'm wondering if everyone actually listened to this?

Legalizeliberty, I realize youre Canadian and this holds special interest to you. But to the others being vulgar and mocking the border patrol folks.... REALLY?????????? Are you serious? Anyone who knows me knows I dont particularly care for cops and i despise the thought of a police state, but are you serious? I read all of the comments before watching the "video" and thought I was going to hear officers sounding like idiots and being abusive... I was told I'd want to punch something... Well other than the rude, arrogant, opportunistic jerk, that isn't the case.

The officers were doing their job. Sometimes a certain number of questions are asked to see if you trip up against something you've already said. Or maybe you look nervous. For the love of Pete, you'll go through naked scanners to fly a couple of hours, yet you cant respectfully answer questions(how long did he make it? 20 seconds???) to enter a foreign country?!? Part of border work deals with commerce, so basically seeing if they intended to buy anything specific items or category of items is commonplace and wouldnt have been a big deal if the guy didnt make it one.

I've been fooled by people who got an emotional response out of me, but even if this event was real, I wouldn't support anyone that rude. But hey, he is supposedly in ill health from this and needs your paypal donations. Did someone say this was on the frontpage? Either way, if you dont think the 2nd officer who spoke to him basically checkmated him on logic(before the final one turned him into a wimpering pansy who finally realized what an idiot he was), feel free to send him your money. Heck, feel free to send it to me as well!

EDIT: (I didnt hit save yet but reconsidered a bit) I may have been a little more harsh on the jerk than i should have been, but it's probably due to reading numerous perverse comments about the officers, expecting this horrifying video like the one where the woman was screaming from being repeatedly tased for having an expired license, and then hearing what actually happened. I think I'm a little more upset at the misleading comments the jerk inspired than the actions of the jerk himself. And I admire him for his understanding of market economics and his ability to turn his antics into a profit with the help of the Daily Paul. I believe I read about such techniques in a guerilla marketing book when helping start a business a few years ago. Real or fake, jerk or victim, I respect anyone who can find the silver lining.

Thanks for stating your opinion

matter of fact I know many incidents when Canadian border guards do the same to US tourists albeit without placing tourists in detention centres as is the norm in the US (I was myself threatened with at least 2 week detention 4 years ago when trying to cross the border).

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After sleeping

over this I realize that this incident is maybe not as bad as I initially thought.

1. the Canadian guy wasn't all too clever (while thinking he was), clearly provoking the guards (paraphrased: what are you going to do? shoot me?), yes they should have stayed calm and professional, but it's difficult to say the Canadian guy was truly innocent.

2. wether you agree or not, it's the US's right to have tight border controls, even with ridiculous questions.


I still think it's not acceptable for the guards to demonstrate their manliness with raw force, putting the fool's health in jeopardy! This could be you, or your kid, or friend.
It seems if you comply with total submissiveness no direct harm is done to you. But if you try to make their life the slightest bit more difficult, they can resort to brutal force.
I'm missing the grey area! How about only using as much force as neccessary?

But then again, we only have audio, and we don't really know what happened.

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If he were a US citizen...

...I'd be angry at the border guards. But this guy is Canadian and trying to come into OUR country and disrespect our border guards?!

What a jerk! Then he had the audacity to say, I'm under a lot of stress from my job." What a lamebrain!

He's been reading too much about libertarians principles of Americans, and forgot he's not one of us!

DPer's who are taken in by this guys appeal for sympathy are pretty dull of mind.

Good night in the morning!

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Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
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"disrespect our border guards"

You mean the government's border guards.

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He means your governments

He means your governments border guards - YOUR EMPLOYEES

Look, everyone in the world is having problems controlling their public servants behavior, but that does not mean that everything that they do is wrong.

You think I want you coming to my country and being an ass to my civil servants when they are just trying to do their duty?

Ha, please stay at home if that is how you think the world should work.

Go back and listen to the way the conflict started

The Canadian was being forthright and truthful. He did not know what stores he was going to shop at. He reacted with astonished disbelief at the incredibly stupid question the guard asked him. The guard escalated a simple human reaction into a conflict. The escalation got increasingly bizarre, and the Canadian pointed that out to the guard.

The Canadian did as he was asked. He also asked WHY, but he complied nonetheless. He got out of the car. He went to their offices. He sat down. He attempted to help calm his wife. He answered their questions. He also asked them questions, and the most frightening answer was that this was the U.S. and the border guards don't need a reason for what they do. Also frightening was the expectation that when a border guard gives and order, he expects total and immediate compliance. Didn't matter how inane or stupid the order. No discussion. No comments. Submit and they'll let you know if you are free to go. Police state.

The border guards lied to him. I call BS on the claim of catching three terrorists a day. Unless the Canadian and his wife were two of them.

What the Canadian didn't understand is he was dealing with people who, once they escalate a conflict, cannot back down and admit a mistake. People in uniform, from building inspectors to police to military to border guards all do the same thing: never let a civilian get the upper hand, even if the civilian is right. Dominate. Ticket. Shackle. Jail. Let the courts sort it out. No skin off their noses.

So was the Canadian stupid? I suppose. He took on the unlimited power of the border patrol and the Patriot Act by openly showing his distain. Foolish...unless...unless...maybe, for a few moments, he was being fully human and insisted on being treated as such. Maybe he was smarter than the whole bunch of us lemmings who passively accept arbitrary power. Maybe we all need to spend time in jail for talking back to The Man. Maybe that will be the new mark of honor in the Brave New World we are entering.

I agree; this sounded genuine--

I think the Canadian was simply trying to maintain his rights--

as a human, not as a 'national' of any place--

If border patrol think they need to do this to protect America, I don't want to be protected--

I was appalled and still am--

I heard no 'acting'--

people sounded genuinely distressed--

the border patrol sounded genuinely threatened by the Canadian's desire for an honest answer--

and all too aware of his own power (the border guard)--

I think it's very sad--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Great points.

Great points.

I'd be happy to compare my travels with yours.

I've crossed many borders. The employees of US immigration are the biggest jerks by far. Going through immigration in Beijing is a pleasure compared to LA. If someone is an ass to an American "public servant" it wouldn't concern me one iota. It's none of my business.

My government? My border guards?

Sorry. I don't recognize these people as working on my behalf. I am a sovereign.

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Canadian border guards are

Canadian border guards are quite similar in manners to US border guards, but I somehow doubt that Chinese guards are very innocent, even if they were more polite to you, seeing as how much more despotic the Chinese government really is overall.

If someone tries coming to your country, and they are an ass to your border guards, I think it is sad if you don't care, because it means that you have given up on the United States, which means that you have given up on liberty.

I have a supplier from Spain

Who refuses to come to the U.S. personally to do business anymore. Now does most of her business in China. Says our Border Patrol is far worse than anything she has dealt with in China.

You're presuming I thought the "Canadian shopper" was

an ass. I don't.

"If someone tries coming to your country, and they are an ass to your border guards, I think it is sad if you don't care, because it means that you have given up on the United States, which means that you have given up on liberty."

That is a quite the fallacy of logic there.

People are asses to border guards every day. Border guards are asses to families from Peru, New Zealand, and Estonia who simply want to take their kids to DIsneyland. I'm supposed to lose sleep over this?

The border guards are NOT an extension of my ego. By your logic, I should also fret and concern myself over disparaging comments about Bush and Obama, which I don't. My life is mine. It is not an extension of the government or its employees.

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Try doing that to an Israeli guard

and you'll have plenty of time the examine the philosophy of liberty(behind bars), assuming you're alive. This isn't directed at your last post, IamVoting4RonPaul. Your logic on that was actually pretty good, although I agree with the Canadian gent that the alleged "shopper" was a jerk. I'd love to see a youtube of him trying that in Israel, the largest recipient of US tax dollars(without even counting what their owner the Rothschilds, The Fed, and other banks steal, or their wars).

I challenge all of you to watch some of the videos about their abusive checkpoints and see if your conscious will still let you complain about the treatment of the rude, arrogant, alleged "shopper" who couldnt answer a few routine questions. Palestinians are ROUTINELY forced to wait 6 hours or more to go through checkpoints in their OWN COUNTRY(and no, I dont even mean "Israel"). Your infant daughter is sick and needs to medical care ASAP? They don't care. Wait your many hours like everyone else.

Imagine living where your occupiers are HOPING to make the life of you and your family members so miserable that someone will do something about it(and be labeled a terrorist of course), so they can launch "counter" attacks, maybe test out their white phosphorous again(yes, they use it), and send a news story about some act of Palestinian terrorism for idiot Americans to eat up and justify their support of the real terrorists.

I'm not going to win any popularity contests posting this, but we know who owns the MSM and has the ADL and friends defining proper thought, but it sickens me when people don't realize how easy they have it, and answering 30 seconds of questions even the most mentally deficient among us should be able to handle becomes equivalent to the Rodney King video?!

Just because we have rights doesnt make something right. Common sense, responsibility, and ethics are generally on the other side of the equation that are supposed to temper things such as your right to be a jackass. It seems that our society has forgotten that and gotten to be a little too much about "me"/"now"/"however i want it".

"The Shopper" wasted a lot of the board's time, so from now on when I see such, I will find a way to relate an on topic post about the WORST enemies of liberty. People talk about an absence of fear, but I tell you truthfully, I'm not seeing it. Not in real life, and for the most part not here. You can see the patterns though, if you pay attention. It's like the border guard said though, they aren't going to have it written on their foreheads.

I am aware that you do not

I am aware that you do not realize that the Canadian "shopper" was being an ass, but that does not change the fact that that's what he was being.

I know that the United States is a very screwed up place currently, but what your "ego" needs to realize is that you also have the United States to thank for your liberty.

Where would the world be if the founding fathers never created the United States?

Don't you understand that border guards are an integral part of that concept?

I mean I know it would be nice if nations didn't have to monitor travel and immigration between each other, and maybe human civilization can get to that point eventually, but right now we still need that type of security, because the world is a very screwed up place.

One thing I do know about liberty

is that I'm entitled to my opinion.

What is a "fact" for you, may not be for me.

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I'm a Canadian who crosses

I'm a Canadian who crosses the border semi regularly, and this guy is a total douchebag!

Who are all these pansies trying to give this guy all this "sympathy"?

I mean the guy showed up with his tape recorder, and tried to make the most melodramatic video that he could, and you guys are all falling for his "victim" shtick.

What a bunch of BS!

When you try to enter a foreign nation, you are agreeing to be investigated.

This guy acts like he is entitled to just waltz right in, and he is a total jerk to the guards who are just doing their jobs!

I hope that none of you think that you can try to come here with that kind of nonsense!

Sic semper tyrannis

Sic semper tyrannis

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Sickening and Lucrative?

It sounded genuine to me, but I feel I should point out the "To Whom it May Concern" follow-up video, here:


Hard to say - but these are recently posted, so perhaps there will be more developments.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I have a feeling that if this

I have a feeling that if this went on in the southern border and the man was Mexican, people would not even be as upset as this Canadian video. You can tell just by comparing comments from this video to the one where the Mexican American truck driver got hauled down to the police station till they got his birth form showing his was born in california.

that, too, was highly disturbing--

I agree--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Pulling away is "assault"?

This made me sick.

Today it's brown people and Canadian shoppers, tomorrow it will be you.

One day, in the not too distant future, your kid forgets his biometric National ID, gets smart with a cop when asked for his/her "papers" and they will be treated just like this couple were.

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I do not agree with what happened

But yes when an officer has "Custody" of you and you pull away it is considered an act of violence and is categorized as assault.Too bad but,if you have nothing to hide don't press the matter and relax.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

What a disgusting attitude you have

Do you want to be free, or just be the best little slave that you can be for your master, in hopes that master will let you do the things you want to?

"If you have nothing to hide" has been used, ad-nauseum, by statist pukes the world over to justify their prying into private affairs for far too long.

And when someone reaches out and grabs someone without permission, that's an assault. It's not an assault when that person so assaulted defends themself against that action by either pulling away or taking other defensive action.


Maybe the officer considers it an act of violence, but in this case the Canadian was assaulted, first. Pulling away is self-defense.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It's a natural physical reaction to pull away when someone grabs


Maybe they grab people knowing this so they can charge them with "assault".


If I have nothing to hide I should just relax???

Wow... I hope they whisper that in my ear when they chip me.

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reedr3v's picture

It's a natural response for a free person

who expects to be respected. But the enforcers consider us slaves to the Empire; no rights, just obey.

I agree but?

They do identify themselves very well as a control unit in uniform,This is the idea.They would have cut him loose.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I think I'm going to be ill.

I think I'm going to be ill.