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Oppose the Food "Safety" Modernization Act

Here is the letter to my senators and congressmen in NC. I edited the JBS text to better suit my personal opinions on this issue:

"The Food Safety Modernization Act represents a massive infiltration of fascism in the food industry.

A "compromise" amendment to S. 510 is even planned for introduction by Senator Specter of Pennsylvania, which would initiate a process of bringing the dietary supplement industry under regulatory supervision by the FDA and other federal agencies as had been envisioned by Senator McCain's S. 3002.

Food safety is best achieved at the local level; small farmers and local food processors are part of the solution to food safety, not the problem. Yet, this onerous Orwellian-style bill grants more and more power to an opaque and unaccountable agency made up of giant multi-national corporations hyper-regulating small producers out of business, and leaving the industrial food system to commandeer the marketplace..

I urge you to vote "No" on S. 510 to prevent an even bigger monopoly for the factory farming, bio tech corporations who have impoverished the health of this nation with chemical infested food, using the force of government regulatory mechanisms, turning them all into a mussolini style night mare for honest farmers and conscious consumers of healthy food."

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