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On A Sheet of Paper

I was at the employment office this morning with my hubby...and someone who works there laid a sheet of paper on a table...I sat down there and my eyes caught part of what was typed out. (I can do pretty fair reading a page thats upside down to me)
It was a meno about men/women coming out of the service looking for work..and the employment offices where to push them towards IRS work...because they where already trained in..............and thats when the lady came by and grabed up the paper..smiled..and walked away.

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trained in...

...being a yes man, respecting the chain of command even at the expense of obeying orders running in contrast to life and liberty?

pretty sure that's what it said.

interesting strategy. go put them to work for the IRS (the henchmen of the IMF) to whip your domestic neighbors into conformity after serving duty whipping up your foreign neighbors.