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Letter to the Editor

I just thought I could do a little more tonight to further the cause of liberty. I don't have much money to donate right now, but I hope this letter to the editor can help ...not only in my little town, but wherever it may be copied to. So please feel free to put your own names to it and send (as you might amend it) far and wide. Really, it's ok... :) Constructive comments are welcome too. I'm taking the indirect approach in hopes that the letter will reach sheeple that are wary of particular, named candidates. So here goes:

Letter to the Editor...

"With election primary season right around the corner, and with so many critical issues facing Americans at this time in our nation's history, I as a very concerned citizen feel compeled to share my perspective. I'm not writing this to advocate a particular politician, nor one political party or the another. But I am writing to encourage everyone to honestly ask yourselves if you have been satisfied with whomever your past vote has helped place into office. If you are satisfied, this letter may not resonate with you. If you are not, then I simply encourage you to consider those candidates that you truly believe would adhere to the Constitution. After all, they are required to. But more importantly, that very simple polical platform is about as telling about a candidate that you could ever hope to have looking out for you. If your prefered candidate is not promising to uphold all of the Constitution and the personal & civil liberties reserved for us in the Bill of Rights, then I hope you'll refine your search.

There certainly is a difference between those willing to always adhere to the Constitution, versus those that will conveniently invoke its hallowed title, follow it when popular, and ignore it when pressured. The Constitution is the greatest guide for civilized society ever crafted, and electing leaders that follow it is just one critical way that we can get back on the path to prosperity and independence."