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Hatred, Intolerance, Violence and the Southern Poverty Law Center

Perhaps I'm being a little harsh on the SPLC. Perhaps I should give them a pass because, after all, they do have good intentions. Yet I have trouble getting over that old "road to hell" saying. And I'm not even too sure that this organization does have good intentions anymore. Perhaps at one time they did, but their leadership seems to have been replaced with collectivist idealists who wish to create some kind of utopian society and couldn't care less about who gets hurt in the process or the amount of brutality needed to achieve it. This has been the goal and philosophy of tyrants through the ages and has led to nothing but misery for mankind. Enough is enough.

When peaceful, freedom loving people such as Chuck Baldwin, Catherine Bleish, Gary Franchi, Luke Rudkowski, Bob Schultz, Michele Bachmann, Andrew Napolitano and Ron Paul are labeled as dangerous, violent, radical or extreme for expressing their views on freedom, warning others that the government has overstepped its bounds and demanding that the law be obeyed by politicians and public servants who pledged to do so, we as a society must question the organization that would do such a thing and seek to discover its motives. When such an organization would demonize groups like the Oath Keepers or the Constitution Party for wishing to preserve liberty and honor the oath they took to America´s founding documents, one must wonder why. What nefarious purpose could be served by trying to slander such honorable goals, organizations and individuals?

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