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Registered Nurse, a reformed and pardoned citizen, sues Tennessee for his 2nd Amendment Rights


"A registered nurse, who was pardoned of a felony drug conviction, has filed a lawsuit against Tennessee's governor and attorney general in an effort to win back his gun rights.
The suit filed Thursday against Gov. Phil Bredesen and Attorney General Bob Cooper says the state of Tennessee is ignoring the Second Amendment rights of anyone who's given a pardon that also restores gun rights. It is asking a judge to stop the state from denying the gun rights of people given these special types of pardons."

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Good luck to him

Begging the tyrants for justice rarely pans out, but who knows...? There is a thing about "rights." They are not granted by the government. He is begging them to not hassle him for exercising his right, the right cannot be removed. That is why it is a right. Right?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.