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Name Dropper & Add Your Own!

After discovering Dr. Paul and going from one link to another we discover people who have written books, blogs and internet radio, that helped us along this journey to knowledge.

Some of the names I have collected and hopefully we can share with friends and family and please add on I know I am forgetting or have not been introduced to others:

Ron Paul
Lew Rockwell
Naomi Klein
John Perkins
Gen. Smedley Butler
William Cooper
Alex Jones
Max Keiser
Jim Rodgers
Peter Schiff
Kathrine Austin Fitts
Michael Ruppert
All our Liberty Candidates
Bob Chapman
Gerald Celente

That's all I can think of right now. These people have all helped me with understanding what is going on in some way. Who has helped you?

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Jesse Ventura, Jon Stewart, & Pat Buchanan

They are big ones.

Add to the list...

Murray Rothbard
Milton Friedman
Tom Woods
Ayan Rand
Robert Ringer (If you run a business, do yourself a favor and read his books).
Andrew Napalitano (the next VP of these United States)

Michael Badnarik

And his Constitution Class:

Ron Paul cured my apathy, but Michael Badnarik cured my ignorance.

Very Cool...

Thanks for the link. Pass this one on.

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak have No Agenda

I'd like to add the Podfather Adam Curry to the list. He credits his' awakening to world events with his podcast interview with Dr. Paul back in 2007. He can be heard twice a week (Sundays & Thursdays) at: http://noagenda.mevio.com/ with co-host: columnist John C. Dvorak. It's amusing and informative, as Curry (aka Crackpot) and Dvorak (aka Buzzkill) offer their analysis of the news behind the MSM, or lame stream media as they call it. They cover news events from all over the globe, exposing any covert assaults on Liberty and Privacy.

Richard Maybury

Vox Day
Howard Phillips

Maurice Merleau-Ponty Naomi

Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Naomi Wolf
Thomas Szasz
David Michael Levin
David Abram
Bill Hicks
George Carlin
Doug Stanhope
David Cross

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

"David Cross" Nice. One of my

"David Cross"

Nice. One of my favs. If you haven't heard of "Mr. Show" do check it out.

Naomi Wolf

harry browne

fully woke me up around 94-95. i saw him on cspan explaining how the FDA was unconstitutional and that all drugs should be legal.

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms
Rand Paul 2016

In Addition...

..and honorable mention...

Jake Kellen
Aimmee Allen
3 Shoes Posse
Marc Scibia
Frank Sinatra - singer ...doh#$@$..name avoids me now!!!
CPT. Joyce Riley RN
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
Dr. Null
Dr. Horowitz
Dr. Mercola
Dr. Nicholson
Dr. Blaylock
Dr. Rokke
Dr. Monteith
Dr. Albrecht
Dr. Corsi
Prof. Scott
Dr. Strangelove ;)


these people

G. Edward Griffin, Webster Tarpley, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Murray Rothbard, Mark Dice, John DeCamp, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Jesse Ventura, and last but not least the late Antony Sutton.

Lots of great people!

How about....Col. Allen West. Ted Nugent. Definitely Milton Friedman. Aaron Russo. Of course Dr. Paul(is it me or doesn't Dr. Paul remind you of Gandalf!!) Gary Franchi and of course Michael Nystrom for starting this website. Daniel Hannon (an MP from Great Britain) Judge Andrew Napolitano, Schaeffer Cox. Almost everyone listed in this thread and all of the unknown liberty loving people fighting the good fight everyday.

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!

I had read all of this guy's books before Ron Paul...

Daniel Quinn. His best seller was called "Ishmael".

His books shattered my world view just as Ron Paul shattered my apathy of politics and social freedom.

After I started studying the workings of liberty in society ala Ron Paul and other libertarian thinkers, I started to see the message of Daniel Quinn differently. I am actually about to revisit the books for a 3rd time to try and clarify some things.

As someone who has dedicated much of their life 'the environment' (nature photographer/environmental educator/environmental degree/etc), I have never found satisfaction with the libertarian view on environment...mainly because there is very little that libertarians say about it. This is where Quinn steps in for me.

I have no idea what political affiliation Quinn holds, but let me post a few quotes from his books and see if you can draw some similarities between he and Dr. Paul:

"If the world is saved, it will not be saved by old minds with new programs but by new minds with no programs at all."

"There is no one right way to live."

"The greatest discovery any alien anthropologist could make about our culture is our overriding response to failure: If it didn't work last year, do it AGAIN this year (and if possible do it MORE)"

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I'm glad you're here adding your

perspective, Weenis. Actually I think libertarians have a great deal to say about the environment. It just doesn't have to do with popular mega-movements cheerled by government agencies and major media but harmonizes best with localized work, especially as seen in Permaculture, organic, sustainable farming, local food, local economy, honest economy (no credit bubbles and government-subsidized global monopolies of banking, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Military-Industrial complex, wars on and on.

Also many if not most practice taking responsibility in every phase of life including health rather than robotically supporting FDA-sponsored death-food/drugs and "official" slash, burn, poison orthodox "medicine."

Altogether Big Gov. is responsible for the most pollution and destruction of the earth and resources. We are trying to cut back that destructive force, and IMO it's the MOST important work for the environment as well as for humanity.

good points reedr3v - do you

good points reedr3v - do you have any book suggestions on the issue? I think that's the main issue for me - I understand the libertarian perspective on the environment (and share it), but I don't know of any particular works dedicated to it. Just articles, speeches, interviews, etc.

I'm in the process of working on a short book building on my senior thesis in college taking a libertarian/free market approach to solving exponential human population growth and one of the biggest issues I had was finding literature on the subject both specifically and broadly.

let's not forget

The tireless efforts of David Walker United States Comptroller General.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Thomas Jefferson

To add: Socrates Pyrrho --

To add:

Pyrrho -- father of true skepticism.
Friedrich Hayek
Adam Smith
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
John Lennon
Frank Zappa
Kurt Vonnegut
John Locke
Martin Luther King Jr.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

For me

Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian economic line-up, Aaron Russo, Bob shultz, and Let's not forget the Brown family

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Thomas Jefferson


Ayn Rand, philosopher and author of Atlas Shrugged.

And, G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jeckyll Island, an in-depth yet very readable coverage of the Federal Reserve.

Eustice Mullins

Eustice Mullins

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Will never forget how Penn &

Will never forget how Penn & Teller opened eyes of many about poll information ;)

Penn and Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Luntz


Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

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A wide spectrum:

MARY RUWART,!!! Stephan Molyneaux, Henry David Thoreau, Justin Raimondo, Ernie Hancock, William Norman Grigg -- adding names I haven't seen much on the following thread. Also Walter Block. In music, John Lennon.

I luv this thread!

Mike Adams- pro-liberty activist from www.naturalnews.com

Joseph Atwill- historian/author

James W. Loewen- solciologist/author

John Perkins- whistler blower/author

Paul Craig Roberts

Clyde Cleveland

Today you know him as the author of the pamphlet "Common Sense Revisited" but in 2002 I was a young college student searching for answers and a political home when I heard about this fellow running for Governor. I sent away for book "Restoring the Heart of America" and was in the freedom movement ever since.

Then Jacob Bergland - Libetarianism in One Lesson - a short campaign book from 1984 that laid out the principles of the libertarian message.

Multiple letters to the editor of Stars and Stripes newspaper - showed me I wasn't alone in questioning our foreign policy and that there was nothing weird or unpatriotic about it.

Micheal Scheur, Justin Raimondo, and Bill Kauffman - taught me about how non-intervention is essential for national security and for a truly limited government position.

Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman - The Case for Gold - I was already libertarian on the other issues, they swung me from monetarism to gold.

And way back in 2000-2001:
Martin Shindeling - Middle Clash - an obscure book from a Perot supporter that started me on the search for political alternatives.

Dr. Brian Roberts - my radical socialist professor who challenged me with the inconsistencies of Republican politicians. He hoped I would turn against corporate welfare and embrace the welfare state. Instead, I realized corporate welfare was just as wrong as welfare for the poor and went looking for an ideology that was consistent in its principles.

Murray Rothbard

My favorite economist.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman


Good One

I "met" Milton Friedman in 1973; he wrote my Economics textbook (that is, the one that made sense).

What a fabulous educator and he had such confidence in freedom.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


I would have loved to have met him, he is what I call a real genius. He takes the complicated or what has been made complicated and makes it plain for all to understand! Man I wish more people were like that.

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!