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Trend alert: Spain could spark global panic

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US Unemployment

Twenty percent unemployment in Spain!!! It makes me wonder what the rate would be here in the US if the Fed wasn't able to print all the money the government desires. If this country had to live on a budget it would have to start laying off hoards of government employees. Remember, as the Soviet Union started collapsing one of the first things that happened was they stopped paying the military.

You might want to update the link.

This is to the main page and you have to scroll down for the story. People might think the link is wrong when they see a different story at the top when they get there like I did.

The exact link is: http://theindependentforum.blogspot.com/2010/04/trend-alert-...


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Is Europe

going to implode this summer?

This summer? Roubini thinks it might be a matter of

days before the Euro implodes.

I hope the time of the EURO

I hope the time of the EURO is over.
This currency was pushed onto the people by politicians.
It had never much support by citizens.