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Did you experience problems trying to donate to Schiff on May 1?

I'm trying to determine why only about $36,000 was raised in the Mayday money bomb.

When I donated sometime after 1 AM I found the site rejected my payment with any new information on the form. I had to re-use the same credit card I used for my prior donation and I think it was rejecting my use of a different occupation (I have three businesses).

Please relate any problems you might have had below or offer other ideas about why the MB amount was so low. Two ideas I have are that "the guy's filthy rich, why does he need MY money?" and the fact that Peter was at only 9% in the latest voter survey taken before he launched an aggressive radio and TV ad campaign and many wrote him off right then and there. (I figure he'll be around 20% in next poll.)

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hopefully all will be solved by tuesday when i plan on giving my part... suck i couldnt add to it yesterday... i wish more people will start pushing more peter schiff

The SchiffForSenate webpage has been hacked in the past

Please let the campaign know the problems you had. I heard complaints from various people who had difficulties. There is an error or a sabotage. In either case, the campaign needs to fix this.

The money bomb was not too bad. My hunch is that donations will keep dripping through Sunday, and maybe will reach $50k for the weekend.

I contacted the campaign about the problems I had

and will shoot them a link here after a bit.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

similar issue

I tried donating multiple times and it rejected it all 3 times saying I need to fill-in all the bold sections. Only problem is I filled everything in soooo Im not sure what the deal was.

If your experience was common, it could explain a lot.

I wonder what a political foe could do to affect a Web site that was about to have a money bomb.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Let's put two and two

Let's put two and two together shall we? Political foe = McMahon. Political foe with a lot of money to hire someone to do this = McMahon.

Or else possibly one of the many people Peter schooled in Peter Schiff was Right.

Let's put two and two together.

By "Or else possibly one of the many people Peter schooled in Peter Schiff was Right" you mean those who not only had it wrong but whose JOB was to get it wrong so as to benefit the biggest players. I don't suspect the people he schooled as much as the people they served. Having Peter in the senate would be hell for them.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.