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Dr. Paul about to pass 200,000 fans on Facebook!

Only 105 more friends and Ron Paul will join the 200,000 club on Facebook.

Week of April 23 - April 29
Representative____This Week___Total Facebook Fans
Ron Paul (R-TX)__________+2,707 _______199,473 (199,895 now)
John Boehner (R-OH)______+1,730_________68,065
Eric Cantor (R-VA)__________+876________18,428
Jeff Miller (R-FL)___________+668__________1,890
Charlie Melancon (D-LA)_____+497__________3,782


If you're not already one of Ron's facebook fans, become one today:

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OT and BTW: the DP topped 4,000

The Daily Paul on FB recently topped 4,000 friends. It's at 4,048 right now.


Well, that's putting a little too much on the moment but nice to see the milestone met anyway.


Now let's catch that interloper Mitt Romney!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I love seeing comments by RP on FB

It's almost always 50x more interesting than what my friends have to say!

Do You Really Think

RP is writing on FB ?
(like he has time)
Ghost writer - I would say an assistant
is helping in this capacity ....
(not there's anything wrong with it)

Yeah, I know that!

I'm still saying 49 times out of 50 I'd rather hear news from the FB 'Ron Paul' identity (whoever is ghost writing it) than I would from friends. Those guys post about a lot of inane stuff...

Mitt Romney has 300,565 fans.

Hard to imagine unless he's paying people to become fans ;-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Palin 1,543,740 -_-

Palin 1,543,740 -_-

199,917 fans now.

Only 83 to go!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Im going to post this to my facebook page.

It only makes sense to promote this on facebook.. and then post a Paul interview.

If this were promoted front page we could get Paul alot more fans. We know how to use the internet.. but our movement needs to really harness it. Make no mistake, the internet is going to decide elections very soon. Its in our hands, houses, back packs, briefcases and its growing faster by the day. Our ability to communicate so freely is the best advantage we have to exploit.

Everyone ties in at facebook. If our message is used most effectively there in 12 we can win.

Its just my theory.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Here's the link

for anyone who hasn't fanned yet and would like to: http://www.facebook.com/ronpaul?ref=ts&v=wall

Fascinating. A few years ago we had no idea

how big or small we are. No way to gage how many of us activists and sympathisers might be out there. Restore The Republic was the best measure we had to that point. Maybe around 60,000 "subscribers".

Then RPR came along. 37,000 individual donors to the Nov 5th money bomb. No idea how many individuals in total for the campaign, it would be interesting to know but contributions under $200 may never have been reported.

The tea parties (under Glen Beck the dolt) showed us how far our sympathisers might extend. In the millions. However over half of these are married to their entitlements and totally don't get it.

200,000 "fans". I suppose it's a number. How many supporters do we suppose are out there for every "fan" on facebook? Say 4? We're somewhere around a million?