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Gov't control of immigration is against free-enterprise

"If one really supports free enterprise, one should support the right of voluntary contract among any and all consenting adults, regardless of which side of an arbitrary political border they were born or live." - Stephen Horwitz,

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Illegal immigration is not

Illegal immigration is not free-enterprise. What you are talking about is getting more H1b visas. A minority of business owners looting the treasury by lobbying for taxpayer-subsidized illegal aliens is not free-market.

Ventura 2012

stuff like H1b visas is what

stuff like H1b visas is what stops a free market its just another hurdle to have to go through that the government placed in front of you.

Illegal immigration is a

Illegal immigration is a government subsidy on immigrant-employing businesses. Salaries are artificially low and labor adjustment to demand for labor is artificially high with illegal immigration.

Ventura 2012

true free market is finding

true free market is finding the cheapest labor possible to fit into your work detail, regardless of where they come from. Government should have no say in who can help you perform a task you need to get done.

As long as we have government

As long as we have government services including roads then you are dealing with a free-rider problem in illegal immigration that is NOT free market. Open and legal immigration is free market.

Ventura 2012