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I was threatened with lawsuit by mom of autistic child for speaking out against vaccines


Folks, I really feel for the parents who have children injured by these toxins of which they are continually having pumped into them.

My point with this thread isn't to criticize this parent who lashed-out against me, but to illustrate the uphill battle we have with spreading the truth.

Most do not WANT the truth, and actually get angry when it is discussed.

Here's the thread where this parent threatened me with a lawsuit:



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Imagine the guilt this lady must feel...

I'm sure it makes here "strike-out" at everyone who draws attention to it.

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She has no standing to sue

She has no standing to sue you. Your opinion is only an opinion, and speaking your opinion does not personally injure her.

Doesn't FL have a law against filing frivolous lawsuits?

Tell her to bring it on!

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Rusty, I agree........


But see, I feel sorry for her and others who react that way.

I'm not out to get her. I'm on HER side.

Regarding the whole Polk County checkered-past, I HEAR YA !!!

The whole phosphate/fluoride industry DESTROYED much of the land here starting back in the 40s/50s.

This county STILL ships that poison all over the world.

I live in ground-zero for ignorance and toxic waste:

Speaking of which, I started a thread weeks ago on the dangers of fluoride and how Polk County is one of the main manufacturers of this toxin and the ladies on that forum BLEW UP !!!!

Here is that thread:


Here's an article about Polk County's role in this disaster:

The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview



In Polk County, Florida, the creation of multiple phosphate plants in the 1940s caused damage to nearly 25,000 acres of citrus groves and "mass fluoride poisoning" of cattle. It is estimated that, as a result of fluoride contamination, "the cattle population of Polk County dropped 30,000 head" between 1953 and 1960, and "an estimated 150,000 acres of cattle land were abandoned" (Linton 1970).

According to the former president of the Polk County Cattlemen's Association:

"Around 1953 we noticed a change in our cattle... We watched our cattle become gaunt and starved, their legs became deformed; they lost their teeth. Reproduction fell off and when a cow did have a calf, it was also affected by this malady or was a stillborn" (ibid).



"The Matrix is a system, Neo.

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it." -Morpheus

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.



I think it's almost actually hopeless to save the system as a WHOLE.

My goal is only to save INDIVIDUALS who are willing to open their eyes.

If any of us helps just ONE person open their eyes and then they change their ways, it's all worth it.



You know I grew up in polk county florida

Those people are keep in a vacuum, keep to poor to know there is a recession or depression . The largest producers are the citrus industry , that totally refuses to reinvest anything into the economy and WR Grace. These people have been lab rats pharma for decades. My parents and all six kids were given a Hep b vaccine in the 60's. Every one of us became Carriers. Those experimental vaccines are responsible for many clusters. I loved growing up there, but glad to have moved away. Moms favorite saying about getting screwed over , we was dumb as dirt!

You ever been to the twilight

You ever been to the twilight zone bar on 60 and county line? That's one of my favorite lil redneck bars.

Hey don't forget about all the phosphate mining they got going on there and the mobile meth labs out in the groves.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Probably, but it was probably called something else ,Plant city

Right? My main bar was the XYZ lounge going into Lakeland . Spent most of my Saturday nights Street racing in WH and Lakeland. Late 70's early 80's. By the way if it weren't for those phosphate pits you would not have hundreds of lakes LOL


No parent wants to hear that they trusted someone they shouldn't have, and it hurt their child. No parent wants to think they could have stopped it.

This issue isn't clear, yet (I'm not an expert, and I don't trust the "experts" who contradict each other, anyway).

It is natural to get a strong reaction.

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I believe one of the Kennedy's has

an autistic child and blames the vaccines, to bad this lady doesn't do some research.

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When you're in a restaurant, and you smell the food, it's good.

One does not take a syringe and "sample" the air, and then turn around and bypass your nose and mouth and taste, and instead inject the "aroma" directly into your blood stream.

The so called "virus'" that vaccines are proclaimed to immune against, are as a body recieving an arrow into the body. A penetration of the protective barrier.
A viris one trillionth of a unit is detected by the nose. In milliseconds, it is analysed as toxin, tagged and followed thru the body. If you're clean inside and don't have a bunch of meals putrifying in you bowels, the body will eliminate toxins readily and easily before the virus get's a chance to wedge itself in a fold of intenstinal breeding grounds and grow.
Life style is on trial. Without freedom and liberty, we are nothing but a intensivied mono crop cow.

A vaccine injects toxins directly into the blood stream. Vaccines shock the system, upset hormonal balance, and we don't need them. We need proper food choice, exercise and the big phama to take their own vaccines and inject them selves, and it would save us from having to expose them for the fraud they perpetuate.
Oh yes, cannabis is excellent for autistics.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Brilliant post


Thanks you for the analogy and illustration.

But yes, it's sad that people think they can go to the grocery store and stock-up on Count Chocula, Oreos, Cokes, etc, but are somehow comforted that the vaccinations will keep them all "well".

They are also blind to the fact that, although sanitation has stopped things like polio, measles (for the most part) that there's now an epidemic of other diseases - especially in the youth - of things like allergies, cancer, eczema, arthritis, autism, leaky-gut syndrome, crohn's disease, etc.

And like Dr. Carley states - vaccines actually PREVENT those diseases like polio, measles, mumps, etc, from resolving themselves and then cause a series of chronic diseases throughout one's lifetime due to your body being handcuffed from throwing off toxins AND being programmed to attack itself.





Thanks for posting.

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LOL! No attorney would take

LOL! No attorney would take her case. There are no damages in the case! ROFL! Besides the fact that you have freedom of speech and opinion. There is also no slander or libel which requires proof of economic damages.

I wouldn't back down to this person one bit. In fact, I would nicely egg her on. Whatever you do, do not let her silence you which is her intent.

She doesn't have a leg to stand on...LOL...

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Question for the vaccine/autism people:

I haven't read too deeply into the details about this discussion. However, when I first heard about the "vaccines cause autism" point of view, I remember seeing that the main reason anybody believes this controversy is due to a highly flawed study published several decades ago. My question is: has there been any real data published providing evidence for this claim yet?

The reason I am asking here and not going to google, is because I know if I go to google, I am going to have to sift through pages and pages of overblown claims which will very likely be refuted on other websites, and I simply don't want to take the time to read a bunch of nonsense. If anyone has any actual data or studies published on this subject, I would be interested in learning more about it. However, if this turns out to be yet another completely exaggerated accusation, I have no interest in wasting my time learning about the subject.

The mercury/autism connection has been overblown


Autism would STILL occur as a result of vaccinations EVEN if the mercury were to be removed.

There are numerous factors/toxins in vaccines which are assaulting our children on numerous fronts with numerous detrimental results.

It AIN'T just about autism, folks, and it AIN'T just about mercury.

I'm in Dr. Carley's corner on this matter that mercury isn't the cause of autism, although it IS a neurotoxin and is causing numerous OTHER problems. It's just but ONE of the toxins in vaccines and has become THE focus of the debates.

Here is Dr.Carley's brilliant paper on how vaccines are causing a mountain of auto-immune diseases.

They can't be "greened"......they just need to STOP altogether.

by Rebecca Carley, M.D.

When you read this paper, it'll be like a rush of truth coming down on your soul.

It's make all the sense in the world.



the parents don't want to accept that they had a part

the parents don't want to accept that they did not do everything right.

I know, because I had a bookclub meeting regarding swine flu vaccines and showed the movie "Shoot Em Up". There were many parents of autistic children there. Many were nodding in agreement with the film...BUT there was one guy there who was MAD that people would even suggest that vaccines would do this. He had been vaccinated as a kid and nothing happened to him!

All in all we ended up still very friendly.

I think it is important when trying to breach these topics you do it in person. Not online. I notice people have a different persona online than they do in real life. It makes a lot of people (who amazingly in real life are quite meek) very ballsy.

I agree that is the preferable medium (in person)


However, I can't always be at some meeting with moms or parents for whatever reason.

In the meantime, posting info online - although there will be numerous squawkers-in-protest - will help hundreds of parents who are just reading the info who wouldn't have been reached otherwise.

The squawkers aren't going to stop the truth.

And it's their RIGHT to squawk. But just because they squawk doesn't mean we are being "insensitive" or "uncaring" in any fashion as they try to imply.



it seems the truth is more palatable

when one finds it on their own.
all we should do is lead the horse to water.
let the horse decide if he's thirsty.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
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you are right rocket

all we should do is lead the horse to water.