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Trey Grayson Attacks Rand Paul and Gets Schooled

This is a YouTube video compilation of Trey Grayson's smarmy attacks on Rand Paul in a recent April 23rd debate wherein Trey wouldn't even directly mention that his attacks apply to Rand (until after Rand responded). The video includes Rand Paul's direct responses that school Trey on the facts and that chastise Trey for not running on his own merits.

Unlike the streamed debate video from the original debate webcast, the video in this compilation is recorded from an angle that shows Trey as he is being reprimanded.


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Rand did the right thing.

He gave Trey Grayson a spanking, which was well deserved. Rand had a right to be angry and to expose Grayson's hypocracy. It's a good way to ask the voters "do you want this guy representing you in the US Senate?". This is something that could influence undecided voters, especially if Rand succeeds in making Grayson look undesireable. Being a shyster can't make anybody look good.

Total Pwnage

Gurley Martin was lovin' it, that guy's pretty cool, he needs to be in the Rand Paul administration.

Trey has a "gotcha" look at the end.

Was he attempting to get Rand to display his anger in public? If so, he may have miscalculated. The public responds positively to anger when it is tempered appropriate as it seemed to be in this case.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



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