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What happened to the Schiff money bomb?

Despite much hype and hope, on Saturday online donors gave just $36k to Peter Schiff's US Senate campaign in Connecticut. Probably a combination of issues contributed to the low money bomb results.

Some report Schiff's site would not accept their donation. (Can't rule out sabotage of some sort.) I hope they will try again today.

Then there's the timing. A Saturday MB may not be the best when people are out having fun in the spring weather. Also, many pay bills on last or first of month resulting in a cash pinch for May 1.

I've followed Rand Paul's race on Google and Peter's press is anemic by comparison. I was unaware he was doing much of anything. Then I learned about all the RTC activity (visits to Republican town committees in advance of the state GOP nominating convention) and it sorta made sense. The press is very incurious about these events or about the endorsements to follow so it's been almost like stealth campaign mode.

Those outside of CT haven't seen the ad campaign Peter rolled out after the last Republican primary voter survey that had him at 9%, so they have less reason to expect a spurt in voter support. Too bad a more recent poll that measured support against almost certain Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal didn't also compare Republicans within their own primary since it would almost certainly have registered another few points for Peter, breaking him into double digits. (I suppose $36k is actually a terrific haul for a candidate who's only polling in single digits.)

Peter was given much more money earlier in the campaign but may now be caught between need for more cash and the need to prove worthiness to donors via a published voter survey. Polling has not been as frequent in Connecticut as it has been in Kentucky, probably because much is assumed on the basis of earlier lopsided results.

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36K is not bad at all


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But it should be more like $1

But it should be more like $1 mil. $36K isn't going to get Peter anywhere realistically speaking. The first money-bomb worked. Then the second one was held just for the sake of a money-bomb with the thinking that anytime you need money you just have a money-bomb. Doesn't work that way. We saw this with RP. These thing have to be advertised with viral marketing and spread throughout the deepest depths of the internets. Send out a viral video a month - 1.5 months prior. Then send out another with 2-3 weeks, then another right before. That is how RP raised $6mil.

Moneybombs are about making everyone believe that lots of people are doing it, anticipation and connecting strong feelings. You can't just say, "we're having a moneybomb, donate money".

I thought it was on Monday

I thought it was on Monday for some reason. Peter isn't getting money because no one knows about the money bombs. The people who know aren't spreading the message to the boards/forums. That is how Ron's were so high - lots of people knew what was going on, the internet was flooded with viral videos. He raised $1 million when he first opened the site and there have to be 1 million people in the US who want Peter to win. If each only gave $5... do the math. So obviously the message isn't getting out there or people don't have enough money to give. Like me.

Ron Paul sent an email out on it

First time I've seen Ron send an email out in support of Peter. I've seen him send a bunch on Rand.

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hopefully he'll still say thanks

Instead of what may be going through his head right now: "geez, I made that much in 2 hours after lunch last Friday!" or "each time someone blinks, M3 is inflated that much!"

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He did say thanks at the $30,000 mark on his facebook page

so maybe he has learned that politeness is best.

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