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Update: Arizona Bill: Ban On Ethnic Studies Passed !!!

About time they stop funding this garbage...



The measure, House Bill 2281, passed the House of Representatives in the final hours of the legislative session with one vote to spare. It's one of dozens of bills on Gov. Jan Brewer's desk that she must act on by May 11.

The bill applies to all public and charter schools
, from kindergarten through high school. It would ban classes that:

• Promote the overthrow of the U.S. government.

• Promote resentment toward a race or class of people.

• Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.

• Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treating pupils as individuals.

If the state Board of Education or the state school superintendent determines that a school district
or charter school violates the bill's provisions, the school or district would lose a share of its state education dollars.

Horne said his target is an ethnic-studies curriculum in the Tucson Unified School District.

"It would ban La Raza studies because it's a course that's aimed primarily at members of one race, and we have testimony that this has promoted resentment toward one race," Horne said Friday. "Raza" means "race."

But the bill would go beyond Tucson's Mexican-American offerings and would end other ethnic-centric courses, Horne said. Students would still be exposed to other cultures and traditions.

"You do it in the regular social-studies class," he said. "And you do it within the (state) standards."

Entire article:

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United Nations Human Rights Experts have Condemned this Law--

That is all I need to know about it. he he


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I support this bill. although

I support this bill. although ideally we would move towards a voucher system if not abolishing public-funded education altogether.

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Proving once again that government

should never have control of education. People should be free to study whatever they want; and with a diversity of educational institutions free of government, that would not be an issue.

All this attention

isn't doing Arizona any good.

I don't like this bill. Any state-wide bill designed to target a specific program seems rash to me on it's face.

But our STATE educational dollars fund programs on our dozens of tribal schools which I believe are rightly tailored to their cultures, HOW THE HELL ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EDUCATE THEM?

There's something in the air here I've never detected before. A backlash against illegal immigration that's been building and building. I'm really becoming concerned about this spill-over into our citizens of Mexican heritage as well as our dozens of native peoples.

But should that education

But should that education "promote the overthrow of our government?" Or be bias toward one race over another?

I believe that's called racism and I for one do not think it should be taught to impressionable minds.

Agree substantially

La Raza is proven hostile to the USA, no doubt. But this is one school district. Seems this should be handled at that level and not by passing legislation that effects all Arizonans and by implication harms some Arizonans. If the district level is ineffective I think the wording needs to be refined.


That's why I don't like Brewer, she has an Obama-like way of legislating everyone she possibly can. She seems like an undercover Neo-Con to me, I don't get the warm and fuzzy from her, like I do with Ron Paul and the other candidates listed on this forum.

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+

"• Promote the overthrow of

"• Promote the overthrow of the U.S. government.

• Promote resentment toward a race or class of people.

• Are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group.

• Advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treating pupils as individuals."

Where's the MSM on this one. This curriculum appears to be racist and anti-government. Yet no media outcry. No politicians outcry.

Or to them is their rhetoric on racism and anti-government sentiment a one way street? Relegated only to the new AZ immigration law and Tea Parties.