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UPDATE 8/9/10: Biggest Environmental Disaster In History LIVE In Pennsylvania

August 9, 2010
Washington County Under Seige
EPA Hearing. Standing Room Only
Gov. Tom Ridge positioned to peddle influence for Marcellus Shale Coalition

The game is rigged in favor of the drillers who have been given exemption from Federal, Air and Water EPA regulations.

The Best Energy Bill Corporations Could Buy: Summary of Industry Giveaways in the 2005 Energy Bill

Look at George Zimmerman in Hopewell. He spent $11 million cash, building his dream farm.

About 500 acres where he grows heirloom tomatoes, and a vineyard. He's rich. But he's not a greedy landowner who put others at risk for personal gain.



George spent $2 million on a 12,000 square foot house. He had 3 perfect, spring fed water wells, as verified by pre-drilling tests. He and his wife have an eight-year-old son and eight-month-old twins.

He's 66 and his dream farm is toast. He rates his chances of selling the property as “slim to none” in light of the proven water contamination.

News: George Zimmerman-

Big Fire Erupts Near Gas Drilling Site


Atlas Energy Sued for Poisoning Avella, PA Water with 7 carcinogenshttp://beavercountyblue.org/2010/02/16/domestic-terrorist-aka-atlas-energy-sued-for-poisoning-avella-pa-water-with-7-carcinogens/

Gas explosion deepens opposition to hydraulic fracturing
Residents reported gas odors before explosion

Marcellus Shale Health Effects - 1
Buried Secrets: Is Natural Gas Drilling Endangering U.S. Water Supplies?
Welcome to Marcellus-Shale.us Frack Attack

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I live

in Pennsylvania, and this topic is in the paper everyday. I am worried sick about it; I know people are hurting for money right now, but my God, if we don't have water, we die! Everyday there's news of contamination, news of fires, news of companies being fined repeatedly, etc. I can't stand it!!!!

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

I didnt understand what the

I didnt understand what the big deal with the Marcellus Shale was until I watched Gasland. HOLY CRAP! That movie was insane but true.

fireant's picture

More on Fracking...Important Stuff.

GASLAND Trailer 2010

The full documentary is here:

Another informative site:

I wasn't aware of this thread, so thanks for the update.

Just the idea of pressurizing gas down where it can get in the water tables gives me the willies.

Undo what Wilson did

looks interesting!

gonna watch the whole thing ... thanks fireant!


This info is all new to me, very well done film, and verrry frightening!

Clean Green Natural Gas my A$$ great OP too btw...

This is all about Agenda 21

This is all about Agenda 21 and passing cap and trade. Freakin disgusting pigs. Land owners have no rights, slaves cannot own land.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Foreign Investors Are Buying Pennsylvania

Many Drillers (not all) are creating a massive financial bubble (which will burst), by inflating and flipping their leased and purchased drilling rights for up to 50 times their cost. This will exacerbate the environmental problem because it will pull the plug on a multitude of job and tax revenue producing businesses abruptly. Residents will also get stuck with environmental clean-up and remediation.

Just three examples:
1.) http://citizensvoice.com/news/business/oil-giant-shell-acqui...

2.) http://www.usainbounddeals.com/2010/05/articles/deals-develo...

3.) http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSLDE62P0P020100326

This Disaster Is On Track To Surpass The Gulf Spill

All of the usual suspects are circling right now.
Army Corps of Engineers who brought us Katrina are now bleeding the wounded state of Pennsylvania. Based on past performance the Army Corp of Engineers, just like FEMA, will position themselves to insure the total success of the assault - whatever it is - on a host.

And our Congressman advertises (unknowingly) the battle plan against the unsuspecting people.

2010 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) Requests

Congress authorizes new and modifies past Army Corps of Engineers water resources studies and projects, through the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). Congressman Murphy submitted the following local requests, projects that will benefit Pennsylvania’s Eighteenth Congressional District, to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for consideration in the Water Resources and Development Act of 2010:

Chartiers Creek Watershed Study, Washington and Allegheny County - Modifies WRDA 2007 language to conduct a more comprehensive study to examine flood damage reduction, including structural and non-structural measures; stream bank protection; stormwater management; and watershed management measures that can be identified to reduce negative impacts.

Dutch Fork Lake Dam Repair, Washington County, Pennsylvania - Authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to assist with the rebuilding and repair of the dam and spillway.

Findlay Township Water and Wastewater Infrastructure, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania – Increases authorization for Findlay Townships’ water and wastewater infrastructure improvements to $15,225,000 and allow for the use of the $6,900,000 in state funds to satisfy the non-federal matching funds requirement.

Pennsylvania Dams, Pennsylvania – Authorizes $5,000,000 forthe Army Corps of Engineers to assist with the design, analyze the problems, prepare plans and specifications, estimate costs and conduct modifications for sixteen Pennsylvania dams listed as “High Hazard”. The Eighteenth Congressional District has three of the sixteen dams listed as “High Hazard,” which include Donegal Lake in Westmoreland County, Canonsburg Lake in Washington County, and Dutch Fork Lake Dam in Washington County.

Southwest Pennsylvania Regional Water Resource Planning, Southwestern PA Commission - Authorizes $2.2 million for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission to undertake an integrated regional water resource planning for flood reduction, stormwater, wastewater and water quality. This is a regional effort that includes Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland.

Westmoreland Stormwater Management Program, Westmoreland County – Authorizes $2 million fora Stormwater Management Program to be carried out by the Army Corps of Engineers in Westmoreland County. This will include studies to identify problems and opportunities associated with stormwater; develop structural and non-structural alternatives to address the stormwater issues; and provide design and construction assistance to implement the alternatives needed to reduce stormwater and resulting flood damage.

DWB, I am sorry you have to leave your home

but the west will win your heart. I grew up near Cincinnati, had family outside Philly that we visited annually and a summer place in the Adirondacks. I loved those deciduous forests, the lush understory, the rolling hills. When I moved west, I hit the desert and thought I had been sent to hell. (Went right by "Hell's Canyon" to really bring it home.) It seemed like it was an endless sea of brown.
I can't even say when, or how, but somewhere along the way I fell in love. I had to leave my desert for a while, went back to Cincinnati for a while, and then to Arkansas. I hated it. The humidity made me feel like I was suffocating, the ticks and poison ivy and CROWDS made enjoying outdoor activites impossible. When we finally got ourselves settled down to where we could PICK where we could live, we RAN back west. I have to leave my little farmhouse, but I will not leave the west unless I leave the country.
Did you look at that place I posted? I was kidding at the time, but I thought you were, too. If you are serious and want something remote, have a look at it. It is quite near the Nevada border. It is one of my favorite areas, and after talking it over with my husband, I think it is a friend of ours who is being forced to give up his dream. You know how it is, pride will not let them tell us they are having trouble. We have not heard from them for months, and now I think I know why. If it is them, the place will be well suited to self sufficiency.
Wherever you end up, good luck to you. I wish my family would leave PA, but they choose to take whatever poison is given them without complaint. Good little soldiers...

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Paul4won,Just curious?

I see you mentioned Hells Canyon,Would this be the one north of kingman towards Meadview and Dolan Springs?Just curious Because I have a piece in hells canyon.Did you ever get the car going,Mable was it?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

The Idaho / Oregon border

Snake River one.
No, Sadie has not been given the attention she deserves yet... thanks for asking.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

That's right Sadie

I know where your talking about now,That is beautiful country,Visited there a couple of times.Thanks,Good luck with Sadie.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragement and you experience of the 'west'. I need all the instruction I can get.
I'm excited and concerned all at the same time. I want to shake PA and wake them up. This is so far beyong any other problem facing this state. And it will be generations before people can live here again, if ever.

Even with all the research and live consulting I have done, I still can't believe it myself.

Nobody see's it coming, except the few who have lost everything they've worked a lifetime to build.

We're planning for our family members to have a place in Nevada when they finally feel the consequences.

Haliburton does most of the Drilling around here

The problem is that the economy has been in such shambles, that it is hard to turn down the money - even when the money is not that good. With all the other problems, fracking seems like small potatoes.

Of course, the last I heard there are already tons of capped wells drilled sitting around waiting for the price of natural gas to go up, so they can be more profitable when they produce.

I know it's incomprehendible

but in 18 months or less, there won't be ANY uncontaminated water in SW PA.

The DEP doesn't even have the testing cabability to discover all the deadly chemicals in the drinking (public & private) water supplies. You have to go to Bayer or some other chemical company to get a real test.

This is devastation on a scale never seen before anywhere in the world.

reedr3v's picture

so sad, thanks for being on top of

this story. It's the first I heard of it.

Dealing with this personally

For some, mineral rights were bought years ago, when natural gas was about $800 per acre. Now the going rate is $3,000.00 per acre. Southwestern PA is swarming with white gas company trucks. They are approaching farmers for right-of-way for the pipelines. Farmers need to unite to get the best $ for their gas, or decide they don't want to sell out their property which will be ruined. There are millions of gallons of contaminated water being dumped in streams and polluting surface water.

The farmer's properties are already ruined from the long wall coal mining. No more spring water, slips, damaged homes, ponds disappear...and the DEP and the politicians are totally in bed with the coal companies. Most of the people there actually work for the coal mines, so they risk losing their job if they make a stink. It is a cluster you know what.

My family will decide the money is not worth ruining the property. But these companies come around and bully people and tell them they don't have a choice, that they have to sell the rights. It is criminal. people need to understand their rights and have access to lawyers specializing in property rights.


Maybe... but you do not need to sell your property rights.
I think that it's PA law that allows for Rig Operators to horizontal drill below your property whether or not you are in a lease if surrounding property owners are leased to the operator.

Here's a group in my area - Columbia County, PA.

I am a member of this organization. It's a land-owners coalition whose #1 prioroty is making sure our children do not inherit a waste dump.

I highly suggest everyone - whether or not you want to lease your mineral rights - to form up such an organization... only when folks get together in large tracts of like-minded individuals, will you be protected.


I just saw the CCLOC website for the first time today 5/13. I can't believe I missed it.

Judging by the tone of it, there seems to be no problems so far in Columbia County.

Having seen Washington County land, water and air that was fraced since 2004, I can tell you there is no escaping the lethal destruction that the process will bring. http://www.marcellus-shale.us/

My advice to you is to sell your land and lease it back. Or at least mortgage the property to the max. Because it's just a matter of time before it's condemned and no bank will finance a buyer for you or loan against your equity. And this is coming from a guy who never borrows money.
The banks in Washington County have stopped writing mortgages against frac drilled property. How's that for a canary in the mine?

Most water testing companies, including PA DEP and local sewage treatment plants don't even have the testing facilities to find the toxic chemicals in water supplies. Landowners are discovering it when it's too late.

Thanks for the link! It has a

Thanks for the link! It has a treasure of info I will definitely use! I am watching the videos now.

Respect for Private Property

I feel sorry for the guy that spent all that coin on his dream farm only to have the dream shattered by his naivete.

Marcellus Shale is BIG MONEY - and has a potential for helping bring the country from under the Middle East's thumb with respect to Energy.

The problem is the lack of respect for others' private property - mostly by the operators of the drilling rigs.

If I do something to ruin anothers property, I should be held liable for said damages... same for these operators, and individuals that offered to lease to these operators.

And Don't forget Uranium Mining beginning in Virginia!

It is in the study stage, but it's still beginning.


They are trying to find out how profitable and "safe" it will be......what is safe about uranium?

I thought you meant this disaster - PA is really in trouble


Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Well, that one is a pretty

Well, that one is a pretty big disaster I suppose with the fire burning/smoldering underground for decades...


Who buys 500 acres, and doesn't buy the mineral rights ?

Its foolish in the extreme. Nothing in it for him ? How about protection of his property.

As far as Pennsylvania, its been screwed up for a long time. The problem with the drillers has to do with more with enforcement, and poor government enforcement of state DEP laws.

You're right

But often times when people have alot of money they feel secure or are at least distracted by that sense that they don't need certain things.
He mau have gotten a better price on the 500 acres by leaving mineral rights on the table.

I think the best illustration for me, that demonstrates how people have been so blindsided by this is a guy named Ron Gulla.

Ron Gulla was very familiar with the drilling business. He sold drilling equipment to drillers for years and he owns a farm. He knows hundreds of people who have had their property drilled for 'dry' gas. The kind you can use right out of the ground. The kind most of the world is familiar with. He never heard of a problem from anyone. Just the benefits of owning your own gas and being free of the gas and electric comapany.

He didn't have a clue about shale gas or wet gas.
Shale gas is loaded with condensates. Butane and other fuels that cannot be used straight out of the ground. They make the gas very volatile and unstable.

Shale gas is trapped in shale. It takes 3,600 lbs. of pressurized fluids to fracture the shale and free the trapped gas. To accelerate the process, Haliburton has manufactured a chemical cocktail called frac fluid.

Most of the mineral rights in

Most of the mineral rights in penn are owned by the girard estate and all those other robber baron bastards.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Mineral rights are split-estate property

and may or may not be sold with the property--depending on if the seller has title to them. Here in the West, many of the mineral rights are owned by the government or by --let's say, by a now defunct mining company or it's generations of heirs!
It is complicated, to say the least. The person with the farm owns the surface rights, and may own the water rights on the property, but again, they may not!