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The Immigration Debate and Eliminating the Power of "Racism" Accusations

It's crazy that so much can happen because of the power of words. Because so many cowards are afraid of being called "racist." A couple of strategies for addressing this problem:

1. Reflected divide and conquer. Make the point that what about all the Latinos who had to WAIT IN LINE? What about the millions of people all over the world actually obeying the law who are terrorized, raped, killed, massacred in genocidal warzones? What about them? Why only Latinos? What about the Blacks dying in Sudan? We can find the political will for telethons and raising money for them, but we can't allow sanctuary for any of the 200,000 BLACK CHILD SLAVES in modern day Haiti? What about people with white skin, but ethnic backgrounds in Eastern Europe who are being slaughtered and trafficked? Or do we only care about skin color? Why is that? What about the other LATINOS who are doing the "right thing" and being punished? These kinds of questions / statements remove the ability of people to call everyone racist, because it inserts other suffering minorities into the mix and begs the question of rule of law from a non-white perspective. They can't call Blacks or Guatemalans, who are following the law and continuing to suffer, racist for questioning why only illegal immigrants get a pass.

2. Stop defending yourself when someone calls you racist. By acknowledging that what someone is saying actually matters, it gives them power over you. Even little kids know this. If every time a little kid whines his mom gives him a toy, he continues that behavior to get what he wants. Similarly, every time someone wants something and others disagree, if he can call his opponents "racist" and the opponents keep saying "Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry, please forgive me." Then he realizes he can do whatever her wants with impunity because the idiots listening to him will kiss his butt at the mere mention of the word. Take away that power, anytime someone calls you "racist," shrug and say "whatever," "ok," or "so what?" What is the guy going to say?

In high school, have you ever seen a "nerd" get into an argument with a "cool kid"? When the cool kid makes fun of the nerd, the nerd gets all agitated and defensive; maybe ashamed or embarrassed. The cool kid has power over him because of this. When the nerd retaliates with a comeback, the cool kid embraces it, laughs it off or ignores him completely; thereby showcasing the geek's lack of power over him.

This is simply psychology. By kneeling down to others we allow them to have power over us, by dismissing them or ignoring them, it removes their ability to exert any power over us and simply makes them look foolish.

Like I said in a previous post entitled "A Game Plan For Actually Winning Our Freedom Back -- Part 1" (http://dailypaul.com/node/132753) (I'll be posting part 2 soon), The first thing everyone here needs to do is read "The48LawsofPower" by Robert Greene (Downloadable here for Free: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FTG7A2SF)

There is one thing that no one else in the world can do better than today's American sheeple: Give up. Whether it's fighting for Freedom, reading a book, or sticking to a diet, no one gives up faster than the average American sheep. So, here's a simple solution for the masses: Be lazy. Don't bother to waste the energy defending yourself or apologizing when someone calls you racist. Just shrug and move on or completely ignore everything the person says after the word "racist." It's simple, effective, and costs nothing. And totally removes the person's power over you since if you don't pay attention, the person may as well just be talking to himself or a wall.

If many people started applying these strategies, eventually the word would lose all power as a political secret weapon, and we could start engaging in real debates over ideas.

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Well thought out... Bumping to share....

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies"......

bump for others

We really need to turn the focus on the people behind the government leaders who are orchestrating this for the NWO agenda, but I don't know how.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I just updated the thread

I just updated the thread with a link to my earlier post. The way to combat the NWO agenda is to offer something in return instead of just words and telling people to be free. Freedom is a foreign concept to someone who was born in slavery. But, once they get a taste of it they can't let it go. So we need to start offering real world solutions to people's problems. And every time we do something or complete a project, we need to stamp it with a symbol or logo (ideally the one that you created) that shows people "This was created by Freedom. / These jobs were brought to you by Freedom not Government" etc. (Link: http://dailypaul.com/node/132753)

That is the first thing that needs to be done. Until we start making actually positive changes in people's lives by rebuilding our communities and helping people put a roof over their heads / put food on the table, and have some kind of work without government involvement or assistance, no one is going to listen. Once that foundation is in place, then folks will be more receptive.

The second phase after that would be to call people out. For example, here's a theoretical viral ad against John McCain's re-election campaign:

John McCain says he's an American Hero, but he opposed the G.I. Bill for our real Heroes who are good enough to die for our country, but they're apparently not good enough to be given a chance to go to school. He says he cares about his country, but then he wants the government to assassinate and murder AMERICAN CITIZENS (Then a pause, and a quick rewind and the announcer repeats wait a second did we just hear that right? John McCain wants to give the government authority to KILL AND MURDER AMERICAN CITIZENS? Don't believe it? We didn't believe it either, until we actually READ THE LAW ON THE GOVERNMENT'S OWN WEBSITE: Link. Read it for yourself.

"John McCain, vote for him if you want him to kill you." or "John McCain. He wants to kill you." or "John McCain. He wants to save you...by reserving the right to kill you." (and show a shotgun being cocked at that time).

Ads like that need to be run constantly and all over the internet and on TV in order to draw a distinction to the specific evils of various politicians. And once people actually look it up, it's game on. Same for Pelosi. The ads have to be structured to show how she not only is a liar and cheater, but screwed over her own constituency, etc.