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UK: Valium prescriptions soar during recession

Are prescriptions written for Valium also soaring in the U.S.?
Tranquillizers will make the mindless, brain-dead zombies become even more docile, dependent, and be more agreeable to following along with the agenda.

The number of people taking tranquillizers has soared during the recession, new figures disclose.
By Laura Donnelly, Health Correspondent
Published: 8:15AM BST 02 May 2010

Prescriptions of Valium, the highly addictive pill for stress and anxiety disorders, have risen by more than 11 per cent in three years.

Senior doctors expressed alarm that the drug diazepam, commonly known as Valium, is now being dispensed almost 5 million times a year in England.

The Royal College of General Practitioners said GPs should be referring those suffering from anxiety for counselling, not drugs which could result in a lifelong addiction.

They warned that the pills, once dubbed "mother's little helpers", were very difficult to stop taking, and should no longer be recommended to most patients.

NHS figures show that in the first nine months of 2009, more than 3.6 million prescriptions were written for diazepam in England – an 11 per cent rise on the 3.25 million dispensed in 2006, and an increase of 17 per cent in a decade.

If the trend continues, it will amount to more than 4.8 million prescriptions issued in 2009, according to figures held by the NHS Prescription Pricing Authority.

The drug can be given for stress and anxiety but GPs are told to only allow its short-term use, and are encouraged to refer patients for counseling, or in some cases to prescribe antidepressants.

Prof Steve Field, chairman of the RCGP said he was "shocked" by the figures uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph.

The Birmingham GP said: "In my own practice we have reduced dramatically the amount of prescribing we do of these kinds of drugs, because they are horrifically addictive, and people can get hooked on them within just a few days.

"I am really shocked by these figures."

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