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Keep those cameras rolling: NYPD cop found guilty thanks to citizen video

By Carlos Miller
Had it not been for a citizen armed with a video camera, it would have been bicyclist Christopher Long facing criminal charges.

Instead, it was former New York City Police Officer Patrick Pogan, who was convicted Thursday for lying on a police report.

He is facing four years in prison...

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Anyone see "THE CODE" video on here?

I think that was the name. I'm having trouble google searching for a crazy documentary I SWEAR was called "The Code" ... it had a bunch of undercover people walking in trying to file police complaints, and the madness ensues!

Any help finding this would be MUCH appreciated!

I'm pretty sure you mean this

(there are people filing police complaints in there)

It's one of the most remarkable things that were ever posted on the DP.

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Is it a fact that

this cop reported that the cyclist tried to run him down? That is so weird. Surely the cop could have come up with a better lie than that if he wanted to get rough for some stupid reason. He could have said he saw the man hit someone, or grab something or whatever that would justify his behavior. He had so many witnesses who could testify against this excuse.


I deleted the comments about the video of the guy checking his mailbox cuz it was in the wrong thread - in case you're wondering.

Ron Paul is My President


They think they can get away with anything, since they assassinated Kennedy.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

good, what a jerk.

good, what a jerk.

The headline

misses the main and most disturbing part of the verdict which is that even with the video above the officer was found not guilty of assault.

Come on people, WTF does it take?

Some of us are Jedi, some are

Some of us are Jedi, some are Sith. Then there are the sheep who take on the personalities of others depending on who they're around.

But I will agree with the obvious, that bullies seek positions of power. Just gotta weed them out.

I don't

understand why the police is defending the psychopaths in their midst. In the long-term this must lead to a bad image and blowback for the police.
So, if the cops got rid of the a**holes, they'd do us all and themselves a favor. There should be a good cop movement or something.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"


Good people do not want into the middle of their neighbor's business. They do not WANT to go hassle people all day for a living. The kind of person who WANTS to be a cop is a power tripper, by self definition.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The reason I became a cop was

The reason I became a cop was because it's so interesting. I mean, who doesn't like to be outside all day and solve occasional mysteries. It can be really fun sometimes man.

I share the beliefs of the other RP supporters. After all, gee, I am one.

Good for you and I support

Good for you and I support you! Thank God for cops like you brother!

My grandfather and dad were cops of the good sort. My dad quit because of the b.s. as it can drive out the good guys. Hang tough and spread the message.

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I can see

where you're coming from, but I don't believe what you're saying is entirely true.

1. There are good people that never get their dream job or dream life, so they settle for something else, they never really wanted to be, like cop.

2. For some there might be a motivation to change things from the inside. Like RP does in Washington.

3. Sheriff (does it count as cop?) is an elected office, so he's supposed to serve the people. Sheriff Mack is one good example.

4. The majority of those that sign up for military service (ie. after 911) probably have good intentions, and probably really think they're doing it for "Freedom". Then the system turns them (or tries to) into killing-machines, darkens their soul. There is probably equally many cops that get corrupted by the system.

5. Don't we even have some cops on the DP? Besides COINTELPRO. ^^

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I'm most certainly not cointelpro either.

Money and a job for life are

Money and a job for life are certainly amongst the motivations. I suspect that cops both think they are the law, and that they are above the law. In a sense this is true since they get away with things that you and I could not. Even in this case the charge appears to be making a false report not grievous bodily harm. This incident was savage and unprovoked. Only someone with the most depraved disposition would carry out such a violent attack on a stranger. If motivation is to be sought I suggest that pleasure in inflicting pain should be considered.


"Good intentions" kill people all the time

The military brainwashed the helloutta folks after 9-11, and those are now the folks who insist they will kill Tea Partiers "to defend the Constitution." It is time folks understand "RESPONSIBILITY." Your ACTIONS have consequences, and you are responsible for them. Maybe some desperate "good people" took a cop job. (I have picked raspberries with a baby strapped to my back, waited tables double shifts for weeks on end, moved sprinkler pipes, planted crops... I have done MANY things to keep body and soul together, but NEVER have I applied to be a cop.) Once they cover for their "partner" instead of justice, all the best intentions are null and void. And the fact that you can name the one cop that is actually fighting for justice makes MY point, don't you think? And to be clear, he is FORMER Sheriff Mack...
Last but not least is the good old "I don't believe." Well bully for you. I posted another reply below, explained what I KNOW, personally. But hey, do NOT let a few facts alter your precious beliefs!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


don't mix arguments with hostility, thank you.

I generally don't believe in generalisations. (pun intended) Like all cops are bad, or all teachers are lazy.

Frankly, I don't understand how my comment can be interpreted as bullying, you have to be out of your mind to read it like that. "I can see where you are coming from" "I don't believe ... is _entirely_ true".
How do you come up with the silly "precious beliefs" statement, it's not possible to derive this from my comment, I just made some argumentations against lumping all people with a certain label into the same category.
I also agree with you that good intentions don't justify actions, especially if you join a system that's designed to corrupt by nature.

Read my comment again, and tell me where I wrote that cops are generally good... Or that joining the military after 911 is generally good...

Good job attacking me, instead of the arguments, I didn't attack you, but you seem to think so.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

I will explain, will you hear me?

I DID attack your "argument." If it felt personal, I do regret that. There is a SERIOUS problem, and as a hypnotist, I struggle ALL the time with how to handle it. "I believe" is the red flag to the problem. In this society, what one BELIEVES has been put in a position ABOVE what is factual (once known as "true" but now "true" has taken a NEW meaning, and that meaning is "crazy conspiracy theory...)
I know how to hypnotize people, and getting them to cling to their beliefs above all else is a GREAT way to keep folks at a baseline trance ready state. The only way I know to have a CHANCE to get them to NOT slip into their autopilot (I will defend my beliefs or Jesus will cry) mode is to give them an intellectual slap across the face. It rarely works. It is all I have. If you were here, and I could sit down and work with you I could be more subtle and more effective, but you are not here. Also, even if I do not get through to you, maybe someone else will benefit.
So, if you really want to get value from my reply, try this exercise: EVERY time you hear yourself say "I believe" STOP and ask yourself WHEN did you start to believe this? There is a whole series of questions that need asked, but even stopping and asking that one will begin to get you out of the low-level trance that most people now walk around in.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

You're hilarious

first let me state, I respect what you just said, and I would prefer, like you, that more people would go about their life in an awake state of mind.

A "belief" can be a dangerous thing, but you have to look into that what is beliefed.
In the case of my first reply to you, you can see, that I don't "belief" the group called "cops" is made up only of bad people, in reply to your assertion that it indeed was. So you have to admit, your belief (at least from what I can see you write), probably based on your experience, is cops have the attribute bad.
So your latest comment about hypnosis and beliefs, can easily be applied to you as well.
Moreover you make up a strawman argument, you answer something completly different, I can't disagree with, but was never in question (at least from me) in the first place.

Also you shouldn't think just because you feel that you're "awake", gives you the "truth" and allows you to judge from a somehow superior perspective. How is your life experience more objective truth than mine? I'd suggest that every individual's life experience is equally true, and the truths that we hold can only be tested against reality. I try not to think about people in groups, because I don't think there really is a living group, there are only individuals, connected through human actions, you have to understand the individual's actions to really understand a group.

Of course, you're the most awake person in this discussion, so it is probably pointless to introduce other points of view. :-)

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

One last try

THIS is what you said you did not "believe" and in YOUR defense, you did say "not entirely true." That hedge is fair enough... However, back to what you "do not believe..."
HERE is what I had said, "Good people do not want into the middle of their neighbor's business. They do not WANT to go hassle people all day for a living. The kind of person who WANTS to be a cop is a power tripper, by self definition."

I wonder which part of that statement you feel the need to so vigorously defend against...

I am not "superior" but I am more awake than most. So sorry, I know it sounds like I am being superior... But ponder this, do stupid people KNOW they are stupid? No, they insist on believing they are just as smart as everyone else, don't they? But those who actually ARE smarter understand that no, the stupid person is really stupid. Unless you have really, really studied hypnosis and mind control (as I have) you are probably not as "awake" as me. You are probably happier, though, if that makes you feel better.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Intelligent people

don't feel the need to write words in big letters to improve their arguments, that much said for intelligent and stupid people.

Believe it or not, I did study hypnosis, NLP and a view related subjects at least for a few weeks. More importantly I meditate on a regular basis since a few years, it did have a huge effect on me, but I'd never claim that it makes me something special, or that it enhances my rational abilities (although it probably does).
Besides there are many other things one can study, that give you a certain perspective many people would lay claim to it makes them "awake".

I don't know if I'm "happier" than you, my guess would be no, but this is totally misplaced. Your logic is, being awake makes one less happy, you probably mean that seeing things for what they are makes you less satisfied with the world, and I can agree with that, I suffer from this problem myself. On the other hand, an argument can be made, that sadness is a sign of not being awake enough yet. Many enlightened people have depression or other serious mental sufferings before they are finally "awake", like Buddha, or some modern day gurus.

"I wonder which part of that statement you feel the need to so vigorously defend against..."
I never vigorously defended myself, this was your part in the discussion. I even sided with you on most things, or never made an argument against them, which implies agreement.

If you translate this:
"Good people do not want into the middle of their neighbor's business."
(=> implies that bad people do want it)
and this:
"The kind of person who WANTS to be a cop is a power tripper, by self definition."
(=> cop wants to be a power tripper, is another way of saying wants to get in the middle of their neighbor's business)

From these two statements you can logically derive that good people don't become cops.
I can think of a few exceptions to this, so I stated them. You're the one who is making a big deal out of it.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

I am beginning to doubt that

I am beginning to doubt that only a small percentage of cops are rotten thugs. The evidence is stacking up against this belief. It may have been only one cop that viciously assaulted the cyclist but what about the other cop standing next to him. Did he report the assault? Did he prevent the cyclist being arrested? No of course he didn't. He just saw the incident as normal and part of his every day experience.

There are lots of videos like this where you can see the police viciously assaulting people in a way that makes it hard to believe that that was the first and only time they had done it.

Rather than defend the police come what may, the evidence is pointing to widespread cruelty and thuggish behaviour amongst the police with only a minority of this being caught on video.

By the way the police know this which is why in some state it is illegal to video the police during incidents like this.


Give this man a prize

I have had 2 brothers in law who were cops, 2 dispatchers in the family, 4 paramedics. Emergency services are now a club with a decidedly "Us Vs Them" mentality. One of them got caught by his dept screwing a 15 year old on duty. Rather than tell anyone, they helped him get a new job in another state. It was about 2 years later that my sister finally found out. The entire frigging department (in the small town where SHE grew up) covered for this pedophile. He NEVER faced any charges.

There is no problem so grave that it cannot be made worse by dialing 9-1-1. How sad is that?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The Drug War

The Drug War is a major contributor. Before the drug war, police were generally respected (like teachers were), and so many good ones were glad to serve.

Federal government policies have destroyed that respect (as with teachers), and now, it is harder for good ones to remain in the profession.

As with all paramilitary organizations, loyalty is a reflex, and leads to the excesses of loyalty, including cover-ups, which in the past would not have been needed.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I still don't understand:

I still don't understand: why did the cop purposely push the cyclist over?

I think he represents the one-percenters I speak about. Ninety nine percent of law enforcement is composed of fine men and women who are there to serve the public. It's the one-percenters we need to worry about. These are the thugs who carry out the dirty work for politicians. And that's why it's prudent to always carry a camera.

You are just so wrong

But you are such a tool for the establishment I don't care... but for the record. WRONG. Entire departments collude to cover each other's ass. It is call the "Fraternal Order of Police" and they will let a girl into the brotherhood, but if you are not a cop, you are PREY in their mind.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

You are absolutely right that

You are absolutely right that whole departments have been known to cover their buddies.

I think that you overreacted by calling him a tool for the establishment. You are generalizing and showing your anger for the system...he is obviously one of us and just questioning. Your rhetoric is horrible...his point is that there are good cops and bad cops. If you dispute this...then your logic is flawed. Maybe it is not one percent that are bad...maybe 5 or 25 percent...who knows...not you...not I. This much is true...there are many good cops and many bad cops. We must support good cops and hammer the bad ones.

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About time

That was one of the oldest internet unsolved mysteries.

What ever happened to a fair & speedy trial ?

The cyclist blogs are probably "V for Victory" crazy right now!


One less bad cop on the streets.
Can we get more of them the time they deserve?

Formerly rprevolutionist