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Fox News Video: Car bomb in New York - Ahmadinejad´s fault?

Fox News trying to connect Ahmadinejad to the car bomb now saying "well, he is building nuclear weapons in Iran".
Did someone say PROPAGANDA?

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That's so bad

it's actually funny.

About a year ago I commented about a political cartoon from my local paper that was trying to scare people about Iran's nuclear program. It was so good I saved it. Notice the subject of the guest commentary that's next to it.


So when can we expect a Daily

So when can we expect a Daily Paul thread accusing the US Government/illuminati/NWO of being the architects of this false-flag operation? Any guesses?

Tomorrow morning.

Everybody is tired from a long day of foaming at the mouth.


Lets hope Iran gets a nuke before Fox News gets one.

Fox News is certainly more likely to use it on someone, for sure.

Every one of their actors (pretend news people) has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to making a big deal out of nothing.

On the other hand Obama should give Fox News a nuke. If they can play with it on TV maybe we can watch them accidently blow themselves up.

Make sure they do that report from way out in the remote desert somewhere; because they are all moderate two-faced idiots with the exception of maybe The Judge.




Propaganda indeed.