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Ron Paul/John Hostettler Video - Indiana Republican Primary Tuesday, May 4th!

Here is a great new video circulating around the Indiana Ron Paul groups. Enjoy!


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The Indiana Republican Primary Is Tuesday, May 4th.

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Is all the neo-cony stuff like defense of marriage, the right to life act, building a wall on the southern border all constitutional? Maybe I didn't understand. The other stuff sounded good.

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You might not agree with him on those things. But none of them are unconstitutional. And they are all pretty much the opposite of neocon. Neoconservatives are generally for amnesty, and socially liberal.

i got 5 weeks left in indiana

and i am so glad i will be able to vote hostetler in...

beautiful for indiana! much needed!!


I like him

He refuses the pension. Go John Go!

Ron Paul is My President

Indiana please vote

Indiana please vote Hostettler
He even refuses to take the lucrative Congressional pension like Ron Paul
cmon hoosiers

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

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bump for