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BIG NEWS coming out of KY This morning. Big Endorsement for Rand Paul Stay Tuned

Rands opponent is also getting an endorsement possibly from Mitch or Mitt Romney(whom Trey endorsed in 2008), which wont help much since Romney got even less than Ron Paul in the KY primary and Sarah Palin whos the most popular politician in KY has already endorsed Rand Paul. Also an endorsement from a pro-abortion Mormon from MA in a Southern state like KY will be more harmful than helpful IMHO.

Back to Rand. According to David Adams facebook theres big news coming.
He gave a hint by tweeting "Im Focusing on my family"
Since James Dobson endorsed Rands opponent Im having a feeling the new Focus on The Family Chairman Jim Daly is endorsing Rand. I think FOTF and DObson fell under a lot of pressure because most Christian institutions endorsed Rand and politically active Christians in Kentucky are strongly supporting Dr Rand Paul
I hope Jim Demint DOESN'T endorse Rand. Because Demint has already showed his True colors by not endorsing Hostettler in Indiana and a Demint endorsement may also force Mitch McConnell to officially endorse Trey Grayson, something we dont want in KY.
we dont need any favors from Demint this late in the game no thanks dude

Heres David Adams Twitter incase youre not his fb friend

Hey can we start seriously thinking about drafting David Adams to be Ron Paul's campaign manager in 2012? This guy is like a million times smarter and politically entrenched than Karl Rove

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I'm assuming

I'm assuming the person this post refers to actually now is James Dobson, who Rand's FB is reporting changed his endorsement to Rand Paul after actually learning about his real views.

Eric Hoffer

JD isn't big

on admitting when he's wrong.

ETA, turns out, I was wrong: http://dailypaul.com/node/133423

Now, for JD to renounce his parenting practices and pay for counseling for millions of children screwed up by his endorsements of thuggery through the decades and he'll start smelling like roses.

Defend Liberty!

"neocon idiot James Dobson"

Would Mitt really tie himself

Would Mitt really tie himself to the sinking Grayson? I hope he does, as we need to reduce Mitt's prominence before he runs for pres. next year.



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