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Peter Schiff headlining Kitco News - says gold and Dow to return to parity

at maybe 5000 or 7000...


I really think silver manipulation is "the wheels on the bus" that are going to come off...

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Richard Russell

has been talking about this ratio for years as well.

What the exact magic number will be I think can be dictated by what the U.S. Dollar does. When the index eventually falls blow the March 2008 lows again, we'll be in uncharted territory. How the DOW will react to a falling dollar might eventually push it higher. Remember, the best performing stock market the past few years was the Zimbabwe market. Unfortunately the rise in that market, which was in the tens of thousand's percent, couldn't keep pace with the falling Zimbabwe dollars purchasing power.

Not that we'll ever get to Zimbabwe levels, but even today a 10,000 DOW today buys you 23.8% less than 10 years ago. http://bit.ly/aPcEop

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