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Are there any Liberty Loving Writers in the Crowd


Recently, the local newpaper wrote a couple of articles covering the Tea Party event in Saratoga, Wyoming. Saratoga is a rural town in south-central Wyoming and home to about 1700 residents. About 100 people gathered...I counted AFTER the event started, which is a good percentage for such a small Town. I was happy to see the local paper at the event and quite proud to ponder how our paper's article would compare to the articles covering events in larger communities...I was wrong.

I am posting a link to an opinion article about why the article was late. It appears that the article was only published (a week late) due to the disdain of the residents. The actual article appeared in last week's paper, April 28th, and has already been removed from the website. However, it really didn't cover much. Below is a summary of comments from the event article. Below that is the link to the commentary I referenced earlier.

*Rita Meyer (running for governer) made a comment about how she liked a resident's American Legion hat (that was just her opening comment, she actually talked about much more than that).

*The event organizer talked about all the differnt taxes we pay (just part of his speech).

*The health care reform bill was addressed.

*Traffic was blocked due to the gathering and if participants want to gather next year, they need to get a road closure permit.

*Tea was sprinkled into the river after opening up the tea bags. People raised concerns about the aquatic habit due to high tea concentrations.

Really, the whole point of the gathering was missed. It isn't that we are just tired of taxes, which we surely are, but we are tired of the direction of the country. That point was missed altogether.


Please read the above article and provide me with any comments you wouldn't mind me using in a letter to the editor. Again, the above linked article is just a "view" piece explaining why the real article was late and some of the editor's views. The actual article has already been removed from the site.


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do a story on an elderly couple who have to cut back as prices have gone higher and their social security checks aren't buying what they used to.

Make sure their concern (honestly) is about the effect of all this spending that congress is doing will at some point put them out on the street as the only people paying for the bills Congress passes are those who will see their taxes go higher or those who will see their purchasing power go down because of an inflated dollar.

Stories sell. Put a face to the message.

Hope that helps...

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