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Transparency you cannot see through: White House Opposes Audit the Fed Amendment

The Senate is getting ready to kick its financial reform debate into high gear next week when they start voting on amendments on all kinds of issues form both parties. So far, the Obama Administration has remained quiet on their support or opposition for specific amendments, but with one exception — they are opposing a bipartisan amendment to open up the Federal Reserve to a full Government Accountability Office Audit.

The Wall Street Journal reports in an article on “populist” amendments:

Obama administration officials have declined to weigh in on any specific amendments, with one exception: a move by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) to give the government more power to audit certain operations at the Federal Reserve. Fed and administration officials have signaled they would fight to stop it at all costs. Mr. Sanders has more than a dozen co-sponsors.


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If it somehow passed in the Senate would Obama sign it? Probably not.

I hope this stand by Mr. Obama sinks his ship !

Now, we'll see exactly what the majority of Americans want !
It's Ron Paul politics vs Mr Obama politics !