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Unemployed with silver reserves...

After designing for a fashion magazine for two years, I am now unemployed for the first time in six years. I made the decision not to move out of state for the company I worked for and will be running short on funds in about a month. I have some silver stored away, it's not much if I sell now, but it'll help me out for maybe another month or two. I know people don't enjoy giving financial advice, but I'd like to get some feedback from the DP nation. Should I sell the reserves or hold out for a while and see where the silver market ends up? Also, what would be a good price per ounce to sell and where is a good place to sell?

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If you do sell... Offer to

If you do sell... Offer to the people here on DP first. I'd buy from you if I have some money laying around. Would rather give it to you over APMEX or some place similar if one of our own Patriots was in trouble.

And if your tech savvy...

My company is hiring lots of folks...


If you have someone willing to loan you money against the silver, you could pay them back with interest and get your silver back. Depending on who assumes the most risk, you could even offer to split any increase in value.

This way you can use the spot price or some other valuation without actually paying for handling, etc.

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IMissLiberty, I really like this.

I forgot about the fact that this is a true asset. I could easily find a relative who would be interested in doing this. Thank you! This is why I come here. You guys rock.

To all who commented, thank you. I'll keep everyone updated on how the job search goes. Arizona's economy is not looking so hot right now. I may have to move out of state to find a worthwhile job.

I'd rather see you get

I'd rather see you get another job asap, even if in a different field temporarily, so that you can hang on to your silver. You might as well do that anyhow, since your silver will keep you afloat for only two months. So before you know it you would be in the same position even if you do sell your silver.

Also, what about going on unemployment? Apply for that as soon as you are eligible to (I think you have to wait 3 weeks).

About what the price of silver will be doing, that depends a lot on the value of the USD. The USD has been creeping up lately. I think this is due to trouble with the Euro and the EU due to the bailout of Greece along with the expected needs to bailout other EU countries. This puts the Euro on shaky ground and is probably causing investments in the Euro to move into the USD. Result would be all time highs in the price of silver in terms of the Euro, but lower prices in terms of the USD. We might see a significant dip in silver when the Euro dips/crashes and the USD benefits from that. Sooner or later, though, the USD will have the same problem and I expect it to start going back down as well. That means silver in terms of USD will be going up. Then, if the manipulation in the silver market and/or the supply issues become significant, that could cause silver to also really breakout.

One other thing about silver... it would probably be good to have some just in case of any type of worst case scenario.


Not sure what you should do but

here is a person who is opening a Liberty Store and is looking for patriotic merchandise. Maybe, you and him can work something out. We could sure use some patriotic Liberty stuff that is well designed.
Good luck to you.


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Get more than one Estimate!

If you choose to sell make sure you call several coin dealers to see how much they'll pay. I have found that dealers can vary quite a bit, so it's imperative to check around.

Check ebay completed listings for silver similar to yours to see if it's worth your while to go that route. If you see good prices on ebay remember by the time you're done including paypal it's about 8% of the selling price in fees.

Personally I'll be selling my stock when silver reaches $35 an ounce.


i'm waiting for $850-$1000 an oz., then i'll sell.

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please don't sell.. hold out

please don't sell.. hold out for 6 months if you can.
depending on how many ounces you have you might be able to retire with the profit from it.. hang in there if you can.

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I should have been more clear

I'm a Graphic Designer, the job market is really competitive here, so it may take some time to find a quality full time position. I was thinking of taking a little time off to build a descent portfolio website, so the silver could end up being an investment in my time. I just want to be prepared for whatever might occur and also keep up on living expenses. Just not sure what my best option is yet. Thanks for the suggestions!

I do fashion design also. If

I do fashion design also. If you are in a bigger city you can probably find some piece work sewing, cutting or patternmaking. It is not much but is a good way to get a little extra cash.

I would suggest holding on to the silver and being as conservative with your funds as possible. Liquidate any things that you can pawn or sell that you don't need. I am tempted to sell my sports cards that I collected like 20 years ago but am trying to hold on to them a little longer in hopes they may increase in value.

Third Option

Why not get a job? It doesn't have to be in your current profession.

I had an ultrasound done today at the local hospital. The guy who did it has a degree in broadcasting and worked as a TV producer. Then life changed, and he found a whole new career.

Your gold and silver is for when there are no other options. You have to ask yourself if you are there yet.

What price to sell at? Who knows. It could go to $200. You sell when you have no other option and you see that the threat of inflation has been done away, i.e. Ron Paul is president.