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Bill Still on Derry Brownfield Today: Discuss the Movie "The Secrets of OZ."

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here is the audio only of the

here is the audio only of the movie secrets of oz

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

This is my concern as well.

I agree with Ron Paul on his diagnosis and I have learned a tremendous amount from him about the Federal Reserve, and how our monetary system works (or fails to).

But I have to disagree with this idea that Gold & Silver is sound money, when simultaneously it is also observed that Gold & Silver are heavily manipulated and controlled by the Central Banks, the Rothschilds, etc., and it has been known for decades now that we don't have any damn Gold left at Fort Knox anymore (stolen).

In fact, for Centuries when Gold (i.e., "hard money") was the direct currency, the "Goldsmiths" back then manipulated the whole system. The Goldsmiths eventually became the modern Central Bankers. These were the same people, and the same family dynasties. And even back when bills were backed by Gold, the system was both a) manipulated for their profit, and b) diluted -- with them, of course, controlling the supply of money.

So the answer is not "hard money". The answer has to be Independent money.

This means independence from the Central Banks, independence from the FED, independence from the Rothschilds, independence from Foreign Banks, and control only by just the Sovereign State -- which is controlled by the people ( the "public").

The medium of exchange can really be anything (Greenbacks, sea shells, Tallysticks, etc.) as long as it is under the control of the public -- and not the control of the: FederalReserve/CentralBank/Rothschilds/WorldBanks/WallStreet/London/etc.

But history shows that Gold and Silver are under their Control, and therein lies the problem with the Ron Paul solution.

Personally, I would like to see a public debate between Ron Paul and Bill Still. They are both intelligent men and have much to offer to educate the American public.

Thanks for this heads up. This is excellent people!

From the producer of 'The Money Masters', Bill Still has come out with another interesting and perhaps 'practical' historic/educational movie called, 'The Secrets of Oz."

His history is well researched by what he was talking about on this radio show and his suggestion of creating State banks and U.S.money seems very sound and makes sense. He gives reasons why the gold standard is not a viable solution either because gold and silver can be manipulated as it already is.

Here is a young man talking about this movie whose MBA Dad found very intriguing.

These good ideas should be discussed on DP.