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James Traficant Files to Run for Congress as Independent


It's official: James A. Traficant Jr. is trying for a political comeback.

The former U.S. representative from Ohio, who was released from prison last year after serving seven years on bribery, racketeering and other charges, today filed petitions to run for Congress as an independent, according to the Associated Press.

Traficant, who served nine terms in Congress as a Democrat, is seeking victory in his old stomping grounds of northeast Ohio. He will challenge Democrat Tim Ryan, who won the seat over Traficant when Traficant attempted to win reelection from federal prison.

"I have been a Democrat all my life, and quite frankly I am disgusted with both parties," Traficant said on CNN in February. "... I see the Democrats are completely controlled by foreign interests and big lobbying money. The Republicans are too, but the Democrats more so."

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Not that I agree with or approve alot of what he says and does

But that place could sure use another wrecking ball like him to help break things down to size

he would be good


Freedom is NOT free!