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Nashville braces for more flooding as river swells

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville braced for more deaths Monday as the flooded Cumberland River continued to swell, sending muddy water rushing through neighborhoods and into parts of the historic heart of Music City after a destructive line of weekend storms killed 22 people in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky.

The flash floods caught the city off-guard, and thousands of residents and tourists were forced to flee homes and hotels as the river rapidly spilled over its banks. Eleven of the 12 people killed in Tennessee drowned, including six in Nashville.

Using motor boats, jet skis and canoes, authorities and volunteers rescued residents trapped in flooded homes on Monday, some which looked like islands surround by dark brown river water.


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Nashville Flood

I live in Franklin, Tennessee, and let me tell you that was one tremendous rainfall. In Franklin, 15 to 18 inches of rain fell. Because of the hilly geography of the area, the flooding is somewhat contained to areas immediately adjacent to the rivers and streams, but even still the number of houses and businesses destroyed or ruined will be many thousands. Fortunately the death toll is low.