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PPP previews its release of KY Senate Race poll - says Trey's internal poll is full of it


Well, actually, they say:

" we'll have these numbers out tomorrow, and suffice it to say they diverge a little bit from the internal numbers Trey Grayson's camp was claiming today. "

Today Grayson said his internal poll showed him just one point behind Rand (which would still be a drop from his prior internal poll which had showed him two points ahead.)

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Trey should....

drop out of the race and save himself whatever dignity he still has left, who knows Bubba might be able to get him a job still....

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love that speech

Gentlemen may cry "Peace, Peace", but there is no peace, the war has actually begun.

Jim Rogers

Lair, liar,

pants on fire!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

: )

: )

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my advice for Trey

give it up.

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