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What the MSM won’t tell you about about the rancher killed in Arizona by a cartel assassin

Came across this today when following some other information. As always msm never lets us know the truth. here's the link to the story; http://farmwars.info/?p=2858

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Game plan.

The feds are creating the perfect conditions for vigilantism and once private citizens begin to dispense justice the feds will spring into action to stamp it out. At that point the American people will have to make a choice whether to side with the government or the vigilantes. Sorta makes you wonder what the feds’ game plan is.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

legalize drugs...

and there will be no black market to support these murderous thugs. When you can grow your own weed, why buy it from some schmuck cartel? If they try to force you then enact your rights and defend yourself. If our government wasn't just a competing cartel to the Mexican government, they'd back Americans rights to defend themselves and their property, and they'd provide a proper military where a real invasion was taking place instead of protecting their drug crops over in Afghanistan and slowly poisoning Iraquis for their oil.

Assert Your Authority

well stated

Both the MSM and government prosper when people are afraid. MSM gets better ratings and sell more ads, while government gets bigger, stronger and more tyrannical. Tyrants are the real terrorists and the real criminals projecting their guilt and hate onto others.