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Urgent Request From The Snitker For Senate Campaign

Our last email blast to Fox News was extremely successful. Fox News emailed us the next day saying that they plan to interview Alex very soon. We'll see if they keep their promise.

This time, we'd like to target NBC/MSNBC. Let's remind them that it is a four-way Senate race in Florida, and that we want them to interview Alex Snitker, the Libertarian candidate. Please make sure the email is focused and professional. Here are the email addresses.


Please also CC or BCC to awyllie@snitker2010.com.

Please forward this to your friends and other supporters of liberty. Thanks for the great work! You are making a real difference!

For more info see: http://snitker2010.com

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Don't know much about him,

I do like what I have heard though. Bump.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I Like Your Action Statement

Hi tog2476,

Thank you for the bump. Thomas Paine was very perceptive and pursuasive during the first American Revolution and your rally call for action is so needed for us to have a second R3volution. Thank you for helping Alex Snitker make some waves for liberty in Florida.

I have never heard of this guy before

but I sure like what I hear from him.
I'll send some emails.

Your Kind Assistance is Really Appreciated

Thank you wolfangel, for your kind assistance. It is really appreciated. We need to let the mainstream media know that there is a true liberty candidate in the Florida US Senate race, not just big government candidates like Crist, Rubio or Meeks.

You are welcome

I finished the list.Hope others do the same.

Thank You for Following Through

These email campaigns wake up the media to pay closer attention to liberty candidates which then gives our issues and positions more awareness in the general public. Your efforts are commendable, wolfangel.

Never a dull moment

in the senate races this year. Paleocons and libertarians vs. neocons vs. RINO's vs. socialists.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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