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The Ron Paul Revolution Will Be Televised

Featured August 12th on WJXT Channel 4 in Jacksonville, FL. Over the course of the weekend, 30 people put up 300 signs (approx. 10 each).

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i think that guy at the end

i think that guy at the end was a little 'out there'


good story though

Sent an email too

Just thanked the station for the coverage and commended them for providing an equal opportunity forum for our mentally retarded citizens to make comments. I think that the mentally challenged have First Amendment rights, too, and I think Dr. Paul would agree.

Yea it really makes me mad

Yea it really makes me mad as hell to keep seeing things like the moron at the end of this clip mumbling incoherently. He, and the ones like him are the reason the United States is in the shape it is now. But the task at hand is to do all we can to spread awareness as much as we can. See ya all on the streets. Donate what you can. My next donation will be on the 20th for RP birthday.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Talk radio

That's talk radios effect..

Mensa-Man Hath Spoken!

Well hey "Bubba Joe"... You're a sharp one! That's a nice bead of drool hanging off your lower lip. You like paying income taxes do you?

ANY publicity is good publicity

While it can certainly be argued that this piece is a piece of you-know-what, it does provide an opportunity for others to comment on the website. If you look at http://www.news4jax.com/politics/13875403/detail.html?ib_cro... you'll see that some awesome comments have come in. "Most commented" is a link from most pages on the site so this means that anyone visiting the news4jax.com site clearly has an opportunity to read these positive views.

I'm taking a slightly different approach by emailing the reporter and his boss this very positive email:

"Thanks for your Ron Paul story. No one seems to want to talk about this guy on TV even though he's been a member of the US House of Representatives for a long time. (You forgot to mention that in your piece.) I was impressed by the creativity of the folks making all of those signs around town. That guy at the end of the report was funny. He looked like he was high or something. Was he coming out of a bar when you interviewed him? He never gave any reasons but he was so convinced that Ron Paul was "out there" that it really got me wanting to check the guy out for myself. (Ron Paul, not the dumbass.) If that was your intent, I have to tell you that you were 100% successful with me!

Being that I have not quite made up my mind about who to vote for this year, it was helpful for you to bring up this alternative candidate. After all, I have already read way too many times that everyone hates Rudy (including his kids.) McCain is washed up. Romney's money and Mormonism is gonna be a big turnoff for most people. In fact, from the 2006 election results, the smart money is on someone who is as opposite George Bush as can be while still being a Republican. (Kind of like that episode of Seinfeld where George does the opposite of everything he normally does and he's finally a success, hehe.)

So, after your report, I looked up Ron Paul on Google and YouTube and found that he's pro-life, anti-tax, anti-war, anti-big government. He's like a Ronald Reagan-type guy. I am probably going to vote for him and I'm telling all of my friends and family about him because they think the other options suck and they had no idea who to vote for. I see a lot of positive comments on your website, too. You should definitely talk more about him on your station as it looks like he has a lot of support (but not as much money as Romney.)

Thanks again for your story!! You deserve a raise!"

Lord have mercy! This is

Lord have mercy! This is what government and the MSM have turned Americans into, walking, talking question marks.
We need Ron Paul now more than ever so we can take our Country and minds back.

For what it is worth

I emailed them too. At the very least I asked that they describe him as "out in right field." Left field is reserved for neo-cons and socialists.

Right field is where the anarcho-capitalists call home.

what I emailed them

The last guy you interviewed on the Ron Paul piece made no sense. Perhaps you could do a follow up story on why Ron Paul is out of touch. Or is it normal just to insult someone with one-side and not even provide valid reasons why?

Do you realize a FOXNews contributor (a Judge) called Ron Paul the Thomas Jefferson of our day? Chris Matthews of MSNBC said he loved him. Milton Friedman said he strongly supported him as a Representative and we needed more like him in Congress.

Try watching this video of his endorsements - http://youtube.com/watch?v=ln7gaOsNyac

The guy at the end is way out of touch and must simply be parroting something he heard. Be fair, do a follow up story.


the last guy is a

the last guy is a pundit....He is just as qualified as anybody else to spout nonsense.

walter whitt

Par for the course

This is just about what I'd expect from the mainstream media. Which is why I've never owned a television. Rather than say anything serious about where Ron Paul stands on the issues they have to end with some clueless guy who "knows" Paul is a kook but can't say why. (I can say why -- because he was told that by the mainstream media.)

last guy on video

you're kidding right? the last guy is a genius. GK Chesterton could not have said it better! What kind of journalism is this? First interview people who are totally clueless and then follow up with a moron.This is either a blatant attempt to downplay the Ron Paul campaign or a portrayal of how ignorant the average citizen really is.

Same name-killing me!


Our name is too common I guess, but this is a little too common! At least we know geat minds (and names) think alike. :)

One of us may have to change our name here though.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Don't tell me Jacksonville is going to show everyone up

Way to go JAX!!!!

This can happen in every city, folks.

Do it, video tape it yourself, and find a local reporter to do a piece on it.


I agree straight shooter: local exposure is "where it's at"

Look at this in a different way: the local news in JAX did a piece on Ron Paul. Sure, the guy at the end was a goofball but, the fact remains that the piece showed Ron Paul rEVOLution signs a number of times.

Is it possible that a couple of people who saw that clip wondered about Ron Paul and why all these people were spending their valuable time putting up signs for him this far before the election, and then maybe looked into Ron Paul further? I think possibly yes.

Point is, while we're all complaining that the national msm is ignoring Dr. Paul, we're missing an excellent opportunity to get FREE name recognition and to spread the message through LOCAL media.

We're a grassroots organization, right? We need to start at the bottom and not expect exposure from the top down. Our local morning talk radio host talks about Dr. Paul every day, excellent exposure for Dr. Paul in a big navy town.

Do it, contact local TV, radio and newspapers and get the word out from there. Once people hear the message, they'll be hooked. At some point, we'll reach critical mass and the national media won't be able to ignore Dr. Paul any more.

I know it isn't nice to disparage other peoples intelligence

But umm...wow...that last guy. Slow. That's all I'm gonna say.

Guerilla Warfare

Everyone, of course there is a concentrated effort to ruin Ron Paul's name, if there wasn' t you better be worried. Once that stops and you don' t hear it anymore, the Ron Paul campaign for President will have died. They have to discredit him, its what they are suppose to do. Kook, nut, crazy, left field all that is suppose to happen. The good thing is that its only name calling, and there is actually nothing to back up their spin with. So when someone actually learns about Ron Paul they actually realize that he is sane and is highly intelligent, and his ideas are inline with the American people.

The annointed candidates are Guiliani and Fred Thompson, without a question. Romney is just a pawn, for a white knight move by Fred Thompson. I mean come on, Romney cheated on the corn kernel poll at the Iowa State fair and thats already in the news- he is not the annointed one.

But we also have to use Guerilla warefare, Yes we have to promote Ron Paul to everyone thats a must, but we also can use the nut and kook and crazy strategy that they are using on us. For instance it should be all over the internet when someone says lets Bomb Medina! Thats nutty and crazy and could start a Nuclear war, or when Obama says let invade Pakistan - can you say straight jacket. Another example, Rudy Guilinani claiming he spent more time at the 911 site than the police and firefighters -thats not only insulting, but arrogant and nutjob thinking.

Another looney tune moment is just listening to the talk radio hosts everyday, Sean Hannity, Neal Bortz, Rush Limbaugh are all a bunch of atom-o-trons and political hacks for the Republican Party elite. They are nuts and push identical statements throughout the day.

Wonder what Fred Thompson said thats nutty, what could that be......

Anyway you get the picture - I know everyone here is antiwar, but in this case if you don't fight back you will lose the battle everytime and then the war.

I like it

Sometimes you have to turn the other cheek, sometimes kill them with kindness, but sometimes you have to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!

After the straw poll fiasco, the extreme obvious deletion or negative comments from everybody in the media, and I mean everyone (maybe except Tucker Carlson), it is absolutely time to pull out the stops..... without getting vulgar and illegal of course........that will be next week! :)

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

The Last guy who didnt like paul...

He looked like a freaking RE-TARD... Thats okay.. some slow gin fizz of a guy is going to tell ME that Ron Paul is 'out there;;

hey Buddy.. Grow a Brain.. heh heh heh

re tard

maybe there should be a law that says you must have an IQ greater than 80 to be able to vote.

Lights out, Nobody home????

You've got to be kidding. Left field????

Listen buddy, you better wake up. If you don't take a stand for real freedom, you might as well get ready to surrender everything you own to the government. Oh yeah, and do it with a smile on your face while you're at it.

You guys are right, I bet 99% of these people can't list one thing that Paul's campaign stands for. Sounds like the same old dribble that spews from any of the MSM supporters. Just go on with your life sheeple, nothing to see here. And, if you elect someone who drives us into another war or ruins our economy, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Unfreakin' believable.....

That Last Guy...

Reminds me of my uncle over the weekend at my family reunion. I was wearing a Ron Paul shirt and he came up to me and said "Ron Paul? Isnt he that crazy guy?" I asked him why he said that. He said "I dont know, he just is." Then I asked well what dont you agree with in Ron Paul's stances, and he pretty much had no clue about anything on Ron Paul he seemed to just follow the rhetoric the MSM is putting out. Theres a lot of mindless zombie drones out there that just do what their told it seems.

Keep chippin' away!

I feel your pain. Upon my return from the Iowa Straw Poll, I was asked by my mother-in-law, in all seriousness, whether it really was like "herding cats" there. And this was after I had sent photographic evidence that should have been proff positive that everyone there was straight-up humanoid! I consider it a positive step though that she even asked and took yet another opportunity to elaborate on Dr. Paul's positions. Gotta keep chippin' away!

in left field?

If Ron Paul is in left field somewhere.... then this guy on the video has left the ball park.

This guy can't even speak 1/3 the speed that he's able to think. He's just trying to say something, anything, and he can't seem to spit it out.

May as well just asked a bum on the street that never watches tv, listens to the radio, or reads the paper.

the video ended early

For me. Maybe it's my connection here, though. Our critic was in the process of not-making his point.

He doesn't know

This guy couldn't even tell why Ron Paul's "out there" because he's parroting what he heard somewhere else. He doesn't even know the issues, much less RP's proposed solutions. This guy probably likes being out in the sun a lot and doesn't know about the new kudzu species, totalitarianism.

dont you just

dont you just love how the media starts out with a positive look at the campaign and then end it with some dumbass redneck calling him a kook? this crap really pisses me off!

Every time i hear words like

Every time i hear words like crank, kook, left field used to describe a man who was drafted during Viet Nam,served 5 years as a flight surgeon,graduated from Duke medical school,elected 10 times ,and been called the most respected man in congress;...i gotta take a walk,i`m sick of this sh*t.

walter whitt

Attacks are good

Was that really the end of the clip?

wlw31967 don't be discouraged. I used to let that stuff bother me but obviously that guy has no idea which side Ron is coming from. He's from RIGHT field... LOL

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
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GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
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I`m not upset at Joe

I`m not upset at Joe Sixpack.I`m upset that he got his opinion from The Wall street journal,or maybe the washington post ,or maybe the new york times....it is CRIMINAL what the media has done to Congressman Paul`s reputation.

walter whitt